This Incredible Robotic Building Set is Like Lego Come to Life

In today's toy-scape, robotic building sets have handily made the transition from fad to staple, and for good reason—they are awesome. But in a world where Lego Mindstorms reigns king, nothing has managed to combine function, universal appeal, and straight up fun quite like TinkerBots. This could be your kids'—and, for that matter, your—new favourite toy. Read More >>

The New 16 Lego Simpsons Minifigs are Awesome and I Want Them All

Here you have them: The rumoured Lego Simpsons minifigs in all their glory! 16 of them, including Itchy and Scratchy with deadly weapons! Even the Simpsons themselves look better than the ones in the house set, because their eyes are fully open. Read More >>

Behold the New 3,296-piece Lego Star Wars Sandcrawler!

It's not the massive Sandcrawler Ultimate Collector Edition every Star Wars and Lego nerd in the world wanted, but it's pretty damn good. 3,296 pieces! Here we got all the official images. It really looks fantastic. Read More >>

Official Lego Ghostbusters Kit Hands-On: Who You Gonna Brick?

A few weeks ago Lego officially revealed that the next fan-designed Cuusoo set to go into production would be Brent Waller's incredibly-detailed Ghostbusters set. And while the brickmasters at Lego made a few tweaks to Waller's design, the results are still definitely worth adding to any Lego collection. Read More >>

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The Lego Movie Official Blooper Reel is So Much Fun to Watch

After watching this blooper reel from The Lego Movie, I'm curled up in a ball laughing so hard that my abs risk being laughter-cised into a rock-hard 2x4 red Lego brick. It's just so much fun. Read More >>

Best Dad in the World* Steals £40,000 of Lego

A Lego police helicopter was hastily assembled and scrambled in the skies above a West Yorkshire business park, after thieves were discovered to have stolen £40,000 worth of Lego. So be on the lookout for shady men offering you discounted minifigs in pubs. Read More >>

Lego Took Over an Entire Ad Break and Re-Made Popular Ads Using, Yup, Lego

If you were watching ITV's Dancing On Ice on Sunday night (don't worry, we weren't either), you may've spotted something rather special -- an entire ad break taken over by Lego, to promote Warner Bros.' The Lego Movie, which is released on the 14th. Advertising within advertising? We're so confused about which products we should be buying right now! Read More >>

The Simpsons Lego House Goes on the Market for £179

If you have a spoilt child, a Lego-packed man-cave, or fancy making an investment for the future, that amazing The Simpsons Lego house is now on sale in the UK. You may need to take out a small mortgage on the plastic brick house to pay for it, though, as the Lego shop has priced it at £179. A small price to pay for a Ned Flanders minifig. [Lego] Read More >>

Build a Custom Garden Planter with these Lego-Like Blocks

It's hard to argue the fact that Lego is one of the greatest toys of all time, but who says the plastic building blocks have to only be used as toys? The creators of these wonderful Togetherfarm Blocks—made from recycled food-grade plastic—are intended for use as planters and garden boxes in any shape or size you can imagine. Read More >>

Who We Gonna Call to Get This Ghostbusters Lego Set?

It may not include the amazing firehouse HQ that designer Brent Waller originally included in his 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters Lego Cuusoo submission, but blimey, has this inspired child-like excitement in me! Read More >>

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Build With Chrome Lets You Create Lego Masterpieces in Your Browser

Forget about getting any work done today. A new Chrome feature has just been unveiled by Google, letting you create elaborate Lego structures right inside your browser. Read More >>

These Spherical Robot "Hands" Let You Build Things With Balls

Who says you need opposable thumbs to assemble objects or operate complex machinery? Empire Robotics has been working on the plush sphere of the future with their so-called "jamming-based robot grippers," otherwise known as the Versaball system. Read More >>

Here's a Sneak Peek at The Simpsons LEGO set -- Updated

We want LEGO everything these days, from Star Wars to Minecraft, Superman to the Taj Mahal. With the user-generated Cuusoo community proving to license holders that there's an audience for any old franchise in LEGO form, it's actually surprising that there hasn't been a LEGO The Simpsons set already. Until now that is. Read More >>

This Amazing Life-Size, Air-Powered Lego Car Hits 20mph

What happens if you take 500,000 pieces of Lego and 256 pistons, then hand them over to Australians Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida? This fully functioning, life-size, air-powered Lego car is what. Read More >>

No 3D Glasses Required to Enjoy This 80,000 Piece LEGO The Hobbit Wonderland

Splitting the 300-page childrens fantasy tale The Hobbit into three, three-hour-long silver-screen episodes sounds a bit like a futile endeavor, borne out in part by the lukewarm reception given to the first chapter in the trilogy. An 80,000 piece LEGO version of one of the book's most intricate locations however? Now that's precious. Read More >>

What Does It Take to Snag a Job as a Lego Designer?

The Wall Street Journal goes has gone behind the scenes at a very stressful job interview for the coolest job in the world: Designer at Lego world headquarters in Billund, Denmark. Read More >>


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