By 2019, Humans Will Be Outnumbered By Lego Minifigs

Since their introduction in 1978, Lego's Minifigs have, um, reproduced at a rapid rate. In fact, the toymaker has been making the little fellas at such a pace that they'll outnumber humans by 2019. Read More >>

Wait, How Did Someone Recreate Escher in Lego?

Of all the the mind bending, unfathomable pieces of art to choose to recreate in Lego, surely anything by Escher must be the hardest, with all its impossible stairs, bridges and passageways. Still, that didn't stop Riccardo Zangelmi from trying. Read More >>

Build Your Own LEGO Sputnik to Commemorate the Start of the Space Race

Fifty six years ago today, humanity entered the Space Age as a 23 inch radio pulsing metal sphere dubbed Sputnik 1 entered LEO. As it sped around the Earth at 18,000 mph, Sputnik set off a firestorm of envy from the Americans which directly incited a Space Race that would last until we put a man on the Moon. Read More >>

This Giant Lego Calendar Syncs Automatically With Your Smartphone

Even though your schedule is constantly at your fingertips via smartphone, everyone gets a little off track every once in a while. So the creative studio Vitamins dreamt up a solution that bridges real-life and online schedules: A giant Lego calendar that syncs up with smartphones. Read More >>

3d printing
3D Printed Lego-Like Blocks Can Be Assembled by Robots into Spaceships

Not too long ago a couple of MIT scientists asked themselves a lofty question: "Can you 3D print an aeroplane?" It didn't take long for them to realize that 3D printing anything on that scale was impractical. But 3D printing thousands of small, Lego like building blocks? That could work. Read More >>

The New Lego Tower of Orthanc Is Simply Gigantabulous

Lord of the Rings and Lego fans of the world, get ready to sink £170 in the new 2359-piece, 28-inch tall Lego Tower of Orthanc set, which includes six floors: dungeon, entrance hall, Saruman’s throne room, alchemy room, library and the secret attic to which you can access using a secret stair. It's now available for everyone at the Lego shop. Read More >>

This Decaying, Futuristic Lego City Is Neotokyo Reborn

Most Lego cities are well-planned models of urban order. But at Brickworld this year, a team of six builders led by Carter Baldwin created this intricate model of urban disorder. Their unique version of Neotokyo borrows from a handful of great cyberpunk novels and movies, from Akira to Neuromancer. Read More >>

Lego Prosthetic Leg Is Yet Another Proof of Lego Fans Awesomeness

Watch Christina Stephens—a practicing occupational therapist and clinical researcher who lost her foot after a crush injury—build herself a working prosthetic leg out of Lego. Read More >>

This Life-Size Lego Alien Facehugger Will Haunt Your Dreams

Carlos Valero is the brilliant mind behind this functional, life-size and creepy-as-hell Lego Alien Facehugger. This MOC 1:1 scale model uses only 500 bricks, and is so beautifully-accurate it would make Giger blush. Read More >>

Behold, the First Images of the Official Lego Back to the Future Set

Brick News has obtained photos of the official Lego Back to the Future set, including the minifigs for Marty McFly and Doc Brown. As you can see, it's more elaborate than the version approved by Lego Cuusoo. You'll be able to create all the three versions of the car using the pieces in this set. Read More >>

You're Better Off Spending the Next 40 Minutes in Lego Heaven

You've got emails to check, bills to pay, coffee to drink. That mole still needs checking out. Your hairline has ceded yet more ground to your scalp. You know what's better than all that? Touring a world of unrivaled Lego treasures. Like, say, this one. Read More >>

The Lego Movie Trailer Is Here and It Sure Is Quippy

In summer 2012 the news broke that a feature-length Lego movie was actually happening and slated for 2014 release. And it's all true! The first trailer shows Lego figures and indicates a chosen-one-saves-the-world-type plot. Plus a lot of superhero mentions. Read More >>

Are Modern Society's Woes Caused by Angrier Lego Men?

The once cheerful little Lego men are suffering from some sort of modern angst, with a survey of the facial expressions of the little plastic people finding they're angrier and snarlier than they were in the olden days. Are they turning our kids into raging monsters? Read More >>

Limited Lego Tube Maps Unboxed at London Stations Today

We're not sure if this is an advert for Lego, some sort of art project or the work of a TfL employee gone rogue with his kid's brick collection, but it's rather sweet. Five Lego tube maps will be appearing at stations around London from today, although they don't exactly enhance readability of the classic map. Read More >>

Impressive Build of an Inverted Lego Roller Coaster

Finally! A roller coaster that doesn't discriminate against the height-impaired! This feat of engineering was accomplished by Dutch Lego enthusiast, Luc2000. The build features a five-cart inverted roller coaster that fits ten minifigs in each car with four minifigs "staffing" the ride. Read More >>

watch this
Population Growth and Climate Change Explained Using Lego

There's seemingly no limit to the power of Lego, and in this video Hans Rosling uses it with great panache to explain the problems of population growth and climate change. Read More >>


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