One-Off Jony Ive Leica Camera is Lustworthy, Even More Unaffordable Than Apple Gear

Leica cameras and Apple hardware are pricey at the best of times, so when news comes in that Apple's design maestro Jony Ive has worked his magic on a one-off Leica for a RED charity auction, it's only ever going to cause pain for your bank balance. Read More >>

Audi's Designers Create a Leica Compact That Looks Like a Leica Compact

This is the new Leica C Type 112, another retro-looking digital compact from the classic snapper brand. Leica says it got Audi designers in to fiddle with the look, although we'd still struggle to pick it out from an identity parade of other Leica models. Read More >>

The Leica M Monochrom: Hands-On With This Crazy One-Of-A-Kind Camera

I was invited to the new Leica store in SoHo to check out some of their latest gear this week. I knew about their compact offerings, the X2 and D-Lux 6, so I knew what I was getting myself into. But their was one product that called out to me, something completely unique among all current digital cameras. The M Monochrom—a camera that shoots only black and white. Read More >>

Could Someone Please Show Leica How to Make a Proper Lens Mug?

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Leitz GmbH. Thank you for meeting with me. The reason I asked you to stop by today was because I have some concerns with your son Leica and his ability to follow simple directions. Read More >>

The Easiest Way to Get a Leica Camera Is with This iPhone 5 Sticker

Let’s be honest, most of us couldn't afford a Leica camera and would do unspeakable things for one. But don't worry! You don’t have to! You can buy a Leica Camera sticker for your iPhone 5 to front like you have a Leica. Read More >>

lightning review
Panasonic Lumix LX7 Review: A Lovely Point-and-Shoot For Control Freaks

Anyone in the market for a top point-and-shoot camera is probably deciding between Canon's S100 and Sony's RX100. But Panasonic is back in the game with the Lumix LX7, a sequel to one of the top shooters of 2010, the wildly popular LX5. Does Panasonic's latest have what it takes to beat these pocket titans? Read More >>

The Leica X2 Paul Smith Edition, Because Black Just Isn't Your Style

Leica's been busy of late, what with a raft of camera launches, and even Jony Ive getting in the mix. But this, well, this is the best-looking camera I've ever seen, and I want one. Meet the Paul Smith edition Leica X2. Read More >>

Jony Ive Teams Up With Leica to Design One-Off M-Series Camera

Everything that Jony Ive touches turns to gold, so it will come as good news to rich photographers everywhere that he's teaming up with Leica to design a super-limited edition of the M-series camera. Read More >>

Leica M: Is This the Craziest Full-Frame, HD Video, Interchangeable Lens Monster Ever Made?

The new Leica M is German camerasmith's latest photo-slaying, digital full-frame camera in the tradition of its M-series rangefinders. It's the long rumored follow-up/upgrade to the fabulous (and fabulously expensive) M9 from a few years ago. Behold the bonkers camera you'll be drooling over for the next couple of years. Read More >>

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Would You Buy Leica's Black-and-White M Monochrom Camera?

If you had £6,120 burning a hole in your savings account, that is. It's far from cheap, but does a camera that shoots only B&W photos interest you at all? Watch our lovingly-shot video that shows off the more polished details of the M Monochrom, and let us know if it gets your heart racing a little faster. Read More >>

This Is Why Leica Cameras Are So Damn Expensive

Last week, along with a cool-but-crazy monochrome-only digital camera, Leica announced that it was launching a a special edition of its M9 with fashion label Hermès. It will cost an eye-watering £15,500—and this video goes some way to explaining that price. Read More >>

Leica M Monochrom Is for Those Who Only See in Black and White

Leica's Latest addition to the M series of cameras is a bit different from the ones which came before it: the M Monochrom only shoots pictures in black and white. The £6120 full-frame camera is fully intended for enthusiasts and/or those with a bottomless bank account, and aims to explore the benefits of having a dedicated monochrome sensor (merely removing the color from a photo after the fact is hardly the same). Read More >>

Leica Is Charging £14,000 Extra for the Colour White

Leica makes beautiful, very expensive cameras that work wonderfully. The M9-P is no exception: 18 megapixels, gorgeously retro. But if you buy this £21,000 limited edition, you are a moron. Read More >>

One of the Coolest Cameras I'll See at CES

Don't get me wrong, I love digital photography, but very few things make me salivate more than a sweet old Leica. And I'm not the only digicam fan who feels that way. Jim Fisher, Digital Camera Analyst for PC Magazine brought this sweet CL to CES. Read More >>

Leica's V-Lux 3 Super Zoom Camera Gains New 1080p Recording Powers

Leica's V-Lux 3 isn't a radical departure from the two models before it. It still has a 24x zoom lens, which shoots at the equivalent lengths of 25-600mm. But now it can finally record video in 1080p and 60 frames per second using the AVCHD codec. Read More >>

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Kodak Is a Walking Corpse of a Company and That Makes Us Sad

Oh, Kodak, once the acme of all things camera, now a stark lesson in Darwinism in technology. You adapt and evolve, or you die. It was revealed today that Kodak is shedding more than £45 million a month. Let's hold hands. Read More >>


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