Lenovo Debuts New Asanas With Yoga Tablet 10 HD+

Lenovo's new Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ is what the hardware maker calls a "multimode Android device," which is marketing speak for a... tablet. A tablet with a 1920 x 1200 resolution display and a round battery, but still. It's a thing for listlessly refreshing web pages on. Read More >>

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windows phone
LG and Lenovo Have Been Signed Up For Windows Phone by Microsoft

Expect to see even more Windows Phones in the wild later this year, now that Microsoft has confirmed several new (or returning) hardware partners. Most interesting for our markets are Lenovo, LG and ZTE, but there are a bunch more for other countries that will be joining existing manufacturers Nokia, HTC, Samsung and Huawei. Read More >>

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Can Motorola Still be Awesome Without Google?

You can make all kinds of guesses about why Google sold Motorola. Did it only want the patents all along? Is it making nice with Samsung? But a more pressing question has been weighing on our minds: "So uh... what about the Moto X?" Read More >>

It's Official: Google is Selling Motorola to Lenovo

It's true: Google is really selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo. Here are some details shared by Lenovo, announcing the $2.91 billion deal: Read More >>

Lenovo Just Made the X1 Carbon Cooler

The first Carbon X1 did the impossible by making business laptops cool. Now, the newest version of the 14-inch ThinkPad is even cooler, thanks to some minor improvements and the addition of an adaptive keyboard. Read More >>

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Review: Flipping Fantastic

Two years ago, Windows 8 birthed what feels like a thousand different varieties of twisting, bending, hybrid laptops. In the vast army of oddities, only a few stood out as being actually good. Of those select few, the Lenovo Yoga was our favourite. Now it's back with a refresh, and it's better than ever. Read More >>

Lenovo's Yoga "Multimode" Tablet Had Ashton Kutcher as its "Product Engineer"

You're on the market for a new tablet, you've scoured the web for spec sheets and pricing, and you're still stuck on which is best for you. What's a dead cert to swing your choice towards one tablet over another? Knowing that ex-Mr Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, was "product engineer" on one of course! Read More >>

HTC to Get a Lenovo-Shaped Lifeline, With Buyout Rumoured

HTC is in trouble, there's no denying that, with the company posting its first ever quarterly loss last week despite being heaped with praise for the HTC One handset. But there's hope yet for HTC's survival, with Chinese computing giants Lenovo eyeing up a potential buyout. Read More >>

The Best Haswell-Updated Computers

There's a decent chance that a fair few of you will be stumping up for a new laptop in the next month or two, as uni students head back to halls to discover the wonders of the internet, school kids indulge in Facebook, and regular people, y'know, buy laptops. But before you do, take a moment to work out which machines have been updated with the new generation of Intel goodness. Read More >>

Thinkpad Yoga: Finally a Convertible With Some Grit

Out of last years selection of fledgling Windows 8 convertibles, Lenovo's Yoga was our favourite by far. Now we're getting one with some ruggedness to it. You know, a little bit of raw strength. Meet the Thinkpad Yoga. Read More >>

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro: Basically a Perfect Upgrade

Last year's Lenovo Yoga was one of the better laptops we've ever used, and certainly right at the top of Windows 8 convertibles. This year's Yoga 2 Pro refines the hell out of that notion, and adds a super high-res screen on top. Read More >>

Lenovo's Tablets are Primed and Ready For Both Work and Play

While the phrase "post-PC" might feel like a cold hand gripping your work-efficient heart, for many people the option of a life lived purely by tablet means a life not bound by a desk and cords. Tablets, such as those in Lenovo's latest range, can now have you working as hard as you play. And yes, if you pine after good posture, you can still connect a keyboard for the ultimate work machine. Read More >>

Convertibles For the Business-Cool

Some businesses -- whether they're bringing in the big bucks or just a one-man-band starting out -- have already discovered the joys of multiple devices, ie, festooning employees with a laptop and tablet. But a hybrid device is not only convenient, it's cost-effective, too. Read More >>

Mini Space-Saving PCs, Which You Can Squeeze Into Any Nook or Cranny

Well, almost any nook or cranny. Years ago, you needed a great hulking desktop of a thing if you wanted huge power and performance. Now though, computers like Lenovo's Ideacentre Q190 are so compact they can even be attached to the back of your monitor, freeing up desk space for approximately six cold mugs of half-drunk tea, and an array of Post-Its. Read More >>

Lenovo's Yoga Goes From Desk to Disco (Or Laptop to Tablet) In Seconds

"Convergence" is a word we've banned 'round these parts as quite frankly, what gadget isn't in danger of putting the kitchen sink out of a job these days? But Lenovo only wishes for you to consider its Yoga range of convertibles as "versatile," which is a polite way of saying you don't need to avert your gaze when you pass your old laptop and tablet queuing up outside the dole office. Read More >>

Why Your Next PC Should Be Rocking a Touchscreen

It’s fair to say that touch has already revolutionised the whole smartphone thing, banishing T9 to the stuff on nightmares and letting Angry Birds loose on the world. So, if you're shopping around for a new PC, you should probably think about getting all touchy-feely there, too. Read More >>


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