How Lenovo's Making All-In-Ones the Future of Family Computing

When you think of an All-In-One PC, your mind probably conjures up some centuries-old device rotting away in the ironically-named 'Internet Corner' of your local library. It's going to come as a shock, then, that one of the most innovative products in Lenovo's lineup is the all-singing, all-dancing, 27-inches-but-still-portable Horizon All-In-One. Read More >>

All the Mobile Contract You Could Ever Need for £15 is "LOL-Fair-Usage-Suckers" Deal of the Day

Love them or hate them, it looks as though mobile phones are here to stay, so it'd pay for you to shop around for the best deal. Which is why we're here. Read More >>

Lenovo ThinkPads Are Getting Thinner and Prettier

The ThinkPad T series isn't traditionally the prettiest out there, and it's certainly not one you'd usually see highlighted. But Lenovo went and made them pretty. It's got a new thinner body (20.6mm), a thin bezel, and a carbon fibre top with a magnesium exterior. It doesn't look quite as great as the X1 Carbon, but it's nice just the same. Read More >>

Lenovo's Intel-Powered K900 Destroys Everything in Benchmark Tests

Lenovo revealed its K900 model at CES last week, proudly boasting of the power delivered by its next-gen Intel Atom mobile processor. And some benchmark numbers show it could well be the most powerful phone yet built. Read More >>

The Five Best Phones of CES 2013

Compared to years past, CES 2013 was pretty light on phones. The focus was more on health/fitness gadgets and 4K UHD TVs. But among the few phones at the show, we some good ones. Here are the top five. Read More >>

Lenovo K900 Hands-On: This Tall, Skinny Hottie Needs to Get In My Jeans Pocket

The Lenovo K900 is a big phone, yes, but it's a designy big phone. It's handsome, skinny, and slick like the finest smartphones ever made. We never thought we would be into a 5.5-inch phone until the K900's brushed metal back landed in our hands. Read More >>

Lenovo's Yoga 11 Is Now a Real Ultrabook

We like Lenovo's Yoga a lot, but until now, the 11-inch version was stuck with Windows RT, instead of full Windows 8. That's fine, more or less, but everyone who wanted the total package at 11 inches was pretty let down. Now, though, the 11-inch is getting the full Intel i-Series treatment. Read More >>

A Desktop PC That Turns into a Gigantic 27-inch Tablet

This is at once pretty cool and also very, really, incredibly silly and dumb. But that's not a bad thing! Here's Lenovo's Horizon desktop computer. It's half Minority Report, half newjack board game. Oh, and also a full Windows 8 all-in-one computer. Read More >>

Touch Laptops: What's Great—And What's Not

I'm a little embarrassed to admit how much I like the Surface RT. I wasn't expecting a lot when I ordered it, but after a day of use, I realised this was more than Yet Another Gadget. It might represent a brave new world of laptop design. How can you not love a laptop that lets you touch Zardoz to unlock it? Read More >>

windows 8
The Ultimate Windows 8 Hybrid Roundup

Looking for a laptop replacement, but tired of talk of convertibles, hybrids, sliders, touch-friendly laptops and slates? Drowning in advertising-speak about how this new Windows-8 device is going to make your life infinitely better? Yeah, us too. Never fear, though, we've got your back! Follow on after the break to find out everything you'd ever dreamed to dare to know about Windows 8 hybrids. Read More >>

windows 8
Lenovo's Yoga Ultrabook-Tablet Hybrid Will Also Come in 11-Inch Form

Lenovo's Yoga was the first of the Windows 8 hybrids to turn up this year. And when it's finally out later this month, it'll have a little brother. The Yoga will also come in an 11-inch ARM-based version running Windows RT. Read More >>

Happy 20th to the ThinkPad: The First Laptop in Space

The ThinkPad is a legendary machine—it's been in space, it's displayed in the Museum of Modern Art, and as of today, the classic computer is 20 years old. Happy birthday, old guy. Read More >>

A Whole Bunch of Incredible Simulators For 97p Each Are Your Change-Your-Life-Through-Simulation Deals of the Day

We all dream of an alternative career, a life away from the dead ends that we've painted ourselves into through bad decisions and cowardice. It's rarely possible to drop sticks and make that career change though... unless you're playing a SIMULATOR! Read More >>

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Review: What the Future of Laptops Should Be

The Lenovo X1 Carbon does the impossible. It makes a business laptop—a business anything—cool. Cool because it looks good, sure, but also because it works the way it's supposed to. And somehow, that's become one of the bigger compliments in tech. Read More >>

Lenovo Says RT Tablets Will Be Nearly £200 Cheaper Than Windows 8 Counterparts

Lenovo isn't too fussed about Microsoft's Surface, even going as far ahead to prep their own Windows RT device, and this is probably why. According to the company, RT tablets are going to cost quite a bit cheaper than their Windows 8 counterparts, in fact, up to £190 cheaper, making it a more lucrative and cheaper entry point for consumers. Read More >>

Lenovo CEO: Microsoft's Surface Is No Threat to Us

Many hardware manufacturers are none too happy about the imminent arrival of Microsoft's Surface—especially Acer's CEO. But Lenovo's head honcho doesn't seem fussed in the slightest. Read More >>


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