A Lensbaby for Your iPhone That Makes Mobile Photography More Creative

For photographers looking to get really creative with their gear, Lensbaby is well known for its various DSLR lenses that can create tilt-shift and other popular effects. But for the first time, the company is letting iPhone photographers get in on the fun too, with a tiny smartphone-friendly lens providing extreme focus effects. Read More >>

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Woman Attacked by Strangers as Google Glass Demo Turns Nasty

A woman from San Francisco has been talking about her Google Glass nightmare online and to local police, after customers in a bar became aggressive, started shouting, ripped off her Glass and ran out, stealing her remaining possessions while she was distracted. Read More >>

iPhone Anamorphic Lens Lets You Shoot Wider Than Widescreen

Even though 35mm film dominated the film industry for years and years, the majority of movies released to theaters were much wider than the stock's 4:3 aspect ratio. But instead of sacrificing resolution and simply cropping off the top and bottom of a frame to make it widescreen, filmmakers used special lenses that squeezed a wider vista onto the 35mm film stock, and then unsqueezed the images when they were being projected. They were known as anamorphic lenses, and soon you'll be able to get one for your iPhone. Read More >>

The Rubber Band Macro Lens is Now Stackable For Greater Magnification

When the original version was first revealed, we were amazed at how brilliantly easy the rubber band Easy-Macro made adding an extra lens to any smartphone. But somehow the new version manages to further improve the original design with a better lens that helps protect it from scratches and allows it to be stacked for increased magnification. Read More >>

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Google Glass 2 Spec Includes Prescription Lens Compatibility, Mono Earbud

Google's about to upgrade its Google Glass hardware with new features, and the satisfied nerds already in possession of a pair of the tech-specs will be able to swap their existing Glass for a new one later this year. Read More >>

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It's Always Awesome To Start a Fire with Water

You think of water and fire as opposites, but it doesn't have to be that way. If you're clever enough about it, they'll get along together just fine. And there's just always something so paradoxically cool about starting a fire with H2O. Read More >>

Fujifilm 23mm f/1.4 Lens: The Street Photographer's New Best Friend

Fuji knows that a lens ecosystem is one of the most important things when choosing a camera to invest in. That's why it's full speed ahead in developing options for its stylish X series of mirrorless cameras. The new 23mm f/1.4 prime lens is yet another piece of quality glass for the stable. Read More >>

An iPhone Camera Periscope Makes Stalking a Breeze

Whether you're documenting something bizarre you saw on the subway, or secretly capturing images of your crush, this rotating spy lens from Photojojo makes it incredibly easy to covertly capture images on your iPhone. Think of it as a tiny periscope for your smartphone, but instead of torpedoing frigates, you can use it to sink reputations, or just collect some useful blackmail material. Read More >>

Leaked Manual Reveals More Details on Sony's Smartphone Lens Cameras

It looks like SonyAlphaRumors has managed to get its hands on what it believes to be a few leaked pages of the manual for Sony's rumored all-in-one lens cameras, designed to work alongside a smartphone. And they look even more promising than before. Read More >>

You Can Shoot Photos with Stanley Kubrick's NASA Space Lenses

A rental house in Munich modified their digital camera to take Stanley Kubrick's f/0.7 lenses, which NASA commissioned from Zeiss to shoot the dark side of the moon. Meaning you can go out and shoot photos with essentially, historical artifacts. Read More >>

An Incredible 19th Century Lens Has Been Reengineered by Lomography For Your DSLR

In 1840, Joseph Petzval invented an optical portrait lens, which for the rest of the century would be used to take loads of photos. Now, Lomography has reengineered the lens from the ground up for today's Canon and Nikon cameras. And the photos are incredible. Read More >>

A Revolutionary All-Seeing Camera Lens That Puts the Lytro to Shame

Alkhazur Manakov's KaleidoCamera, which will be officially unveiled at the Siggraph conference next week in Anaheim, sits between your camera's lens and body and splits the incoming light into nine separate beams that can be individually filtered before they hit the sensor in a three-by-three grid. Read More >>

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Google Patents Glass System for Prescription Glasses Wearers

If Google could completely hide its Google Glass system within a normal pair of prescription glasses so we wouldn't have to worry so much about getting mugged or beaten up, we may be interested. Sadly, it looks like an obvious magnetic clip-on attachment is how it's going to be for prescription glasses wearers. Read More >>

Dead Camera Lenses Can Morph Into Beautiful Bracelets

Normally, images of beautiful things are going through camera lenses, but you can't deny that there's something uniquely beautiful about the lenses themselves. The contrast of the colors on black, the sharp-yet-simple linear designs. It should be no surprise they make super slick bracelets. Read More >>

A Simple Adapter Turns Your Binoculars Into a Smartphone Zoom Lens

Camera-equipped smartphones aren't quite the perfect replacement for a digital camera just yet. They lack manual controls, use tiny sensors, and their simple lenses lack the ability to zoom. (And no, digital zoom doesn't count.) But if you've already got yourself a powerful set of binoculars, this simple adapter will turn them into a powerful telephoto lens for your phone, as long as you don't mind some unwieldy bulk. Read More >>

You Won't Mind That This Giant Lens Is Soft

Photographers shouldn't mind adding this massive fisheye lens to their studio setups even though it's described as soft, and is made of wood. It's actually a stool designed to look like a Canon lens, but with enough changes to skirt any lawsuits or legal repercussions. Read More >>


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