The Roof of This Sloped Library Doubles as an Awesome Slide

Imagine how much easier it would be to get kids excited about going to the library if the library itself doubled as a playground. That's exactly what's happened in an earthquake-ravaged village in China's Yunnan Province. The town's new library doubles as a community centre with a slide on top. Read More >>

Birmingham's Posh Library is "Useless" as Some Books are Unreachable

Those with library cards in the Birmingham area claim the city's glorious new library is a classic example of form over function, with users saying some reference books are stored out of reach due to designers of the £190m building not really caring about the visitors. Read More >>

These Grand Cathedrals Now House Regular Books, Not Bibles

Churches tend to ebb and flow with generations: chapels close after neighbourhoods are redeveloped, cathedrals are abandoned after religious upheaval. In more than a few cases, they've been turned into bookstores and libraries. Read More >>

Let BookBot Bring You Any of This Library's Two Million Titles

Wow. Look at BookBot go! This massive automated delivery system is housed in North Carolina State University's stunning Hunt Library. With the touch of a few buttons, it will scan and deliver any title in the two million volume collection straight into your hands. Read More >>

Libraries the New Sex Hotspots? Erotic Book Borrowing Surge Suggests So

Call it the "Fifty Shades" effect, call it the result of the grimmest economic depression of modern times. Either way, UK reading habits seem to be getting saucier, as libraries are recording a ridiculous 500 per cent increase in the borrowing of erotic fiction. Read More >>

This Animatronic Wall of Books Moves in Time With Library Visitors

One of the great joys offered by an old library is stepping through the doors and being greeted by an overwhelming sense of stillness. Endless stories exist between the covers resting on the shelves but, until you crack open a title and start to read, it's blissfully oh so quiet. Read More >>

15 of the Weirdest Images in the British Library’s New Digital Trove

Digging through the archives of old libraries is a blast. Depending on the library, you'll find everything from dated architectural drawings to snippets of old children's books. You can just imagine the treasures to be found in the British Library's ancient archive. And, now, you don't even have to get your fingers dusty! Read More >>

A Mountain Range of Shelves Turns This Kids' Library Into a Playground

Learning to read is a massive adventure in itself, but discovering the library, a magical place where the stories are plentiful and the books are free, is downright mind blowing. In an effort to match the fun between the pages, the Mexican branding studio Anagrama transformed the interior of a local heritage site into Niños Conarte, a geometric mountain range of literature. Read More >>

Oxford's Library Chooses Its First New Chair Design Since 1936

Oxford's Bodleian library—aka the Bod—is one of England's largest libraries, a 414-year-old research hub steeped in tradition and history. For example, only three types of chair have ever been used within its walls. Until now, that is: According to Co.Design, the library has chosen a fourth design to replace its older models. Read More >>

Towering Library Covered In Books Proves That Hardcovers Are Still Good For Something

So you got yourself an eReader. You've sworn off physical books for good. Who needs 'em? Well you can't build a gigantic pyramid library with eBooks now can you? Read More >>

British Library Launches Online Archive of 19th Century UK Newspapers

Local newspapers from around the year 1800 onwards have been digitised and stuck online by the British Newspaper Archive, taking us back to the days when front pages were heavier on the text than celebrity gusset photographs. Read More >>

3d printing
Can 3D Printers Make Libraries Useful Again?

As the printed word gives way to digital distribution, libraries must change in both form and function in order to remain relevant in the Internet age. One New York book repository has taken the lead in this effort by installing the country's first "maker's space" within a public library. Read More >>


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