Social Media "Lie Detector" Will Know if Celebrity X Really is Dead or Under Arrest for 1970s Sex Crimes

Did a funny thing really happen on the train today? Did your precocious child really make that amusing observation about Star Wars? Was actor and comedian Gary Wilmot really found dead in a hotel wardrobe with his shoelaces around his neck and a slice of orange in his mouth last night? An internet lie detector may soon be able to provide reassurances either way. Read More >>

You've Been Lied to About Carrots Your Whole Life Because of Nazis

You've probably heard the myth that eating lots of carrots will make magically improve your vision. The bad news is that it's a total lie. The good news? It's one that helped the Allies defeat the Nazis. Read More >>

Oh Man, I Want These Budget iPhone Photos To Be Real

Rumour has it that Apple is set to release a new budget version of the iPhone next month. A blog and/or human person called Sonny Dickson has published a huge gallery of images which supposedly show the back housing of the "iPhone 5C." Is that what the cheap iPhone looks like, if it even exists? I sure hope so. Read More >>

Things You'll Never, Ever Hear Gamers Say

OK, gamers can spout some seriously torrid bile sometimes -- anyone who's attempted to use voice chat online will know precisely what I mean -- but there are some things, so horrendous, that you'll never hear a gamer utter those words. Read More >>

Nokia Faked Its PureView Demo and Then Claimed It Never Said It Was Real

When we watched the latest ad from Nokia showing off its PureView technology in the Lumia and ridiculously fluid optical image stabilisation, we were stunned. Excited. Happy. If the camera on the Lumia was that good, we wanted it. Badly. Immediately. But sadly, it was faked. Nokia isn't showing off what the Lumia 920 can do — that video was shot with a big DSLR. Read More >>

Your iPhone Is Lying to You Every Time You Fire Up an App

Ever wondered why apps seem to load so damn quickly on the iPhone 4S? A quick tap and boom, the app flashes up onto the screen. The thing is, that's actually a lie, your app hasn't loaded yet. And your iPhone tells that porky each time you fire up an app. Read More >>

Why Mike Daisy Lied About Foxconn According to Mike Daisy

Mike Daisey lied his tits off in public radio program This American Life. He basically made up a lot of stuff about Foxconn. TAL had to retract the whole thing, but Mike says his lies were all for a good cause: Read More >>

The Inventor of Email Did Not Invent Email

V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai is a fraud who has been masquerading for years as the pioneering mind behind email. At least according to a bunch of geeks who mobilised from all corners of the digital world to try to set the record straight. Read More >>

Goodbye Phonies: This App Will Automatically Detect Photoshopped Images

Scientists have created a new software program that will automatically detect any image that has been modified in Photoshop. The software is now tuned to faces, but it will be able to flag any type of image, they say. Read More >>


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