£100 Light Bulb Swaps Enrage London Cops

Maintenance company Interserve is raking it in changing light bulbs for the Met police, with Scotland Yard shamefully admitting it pays up to £100 a time to have someone come out to an "urgent" light bulb problem. Even non-urgent bulb swaps cost the taxpayer £26 a time, a situation said to infuriate cops who work a little harder to earn their money. [Standard] Read More >>

60 Per Cent of Heathrow T5's Light Bulbs Have Blown Since 2008 and Haven't Been Changed

Thanks to the high and curved design of Heathrow's terminal 5 building, your average, everyday maintenance man or janitor simply isn't able to reach the light bulbs up there in its glassy roof. So a team of specialist climbers has been hired to brighten up the gradually dimming departures area. Read More >>

How to Make Your Own Glowing Light Bulbs That Don't Need Electricity

If remembering to keep an emergency flashlight charged is beyond your responsible capabilities, here's a great tutorial on how to make another backup light source that never needs power or batteries. Over on Korean-based Hobby Design there's a relatively simple steb-by-step guide on how to make these glowing silicone light bulbs that should provide enough light to help you find your way around during a power outage. Read More >>

Philips' Hue Light Bulbs Have a New Direction

The first bulbs in Philips' colour-changing, app-controlled Hue line were designed to mimic the unidirectional shine of standard A19 light bulbs. This made them ideal for conventional lamps, but wasted a large portion of their light when installed in recessed ceiling fixtures. But today, Philips has announced the new Hue BR30 downlight bulb. Read More >>

Light Bulbs Are the Best and Worst Balls For a Newton's Cradle

Newton's Cradle is well-known for its repeating clicks, and gracing the desks of executives everywhere. This fragile, but awesome installation by Yasutoki Kariya changes things up a bit by using light bulbs instead of metal spheres. Surprisingly, they manage not to shatter. Read More >>

Recently Opened Time Capsule Contains 100 Year-Old Lightbulbs That Still Work

Engineers at GE's NELA Park facility recently discovered five intact lightbulbs inside a 100-year-old time capsule. And much to the delight of the dudes over in marketing, three of the century-old bulbs still work. Read More >>


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