Philips' New Clear LED Bulbs Look Just Like Incandescents

Despite being more energy-efficient and longer lasting, consumers keep finding excuses for wanting to stick with incandescent lightbulbs. But with clear glass and a special LED lens that looks like a traditional filament, Philips' latest LED bulbs might finally convince those afraid of change. Read More >>

This Lightbulb Comes Shattered on Purpose

>We've all marvelled at those high-speed photographs showing the point of impact when a speeding bullet pierces and shatters a lightbulb. And thanks to a Swedish company called Gässling, those moments are now frozen in time in real life, with a series of pre-shattered bulbs created using 3D printers. Read More >>

Plumen's Beautiful New Bulbs Make Low-Energy Into High Art

A bulb is a bulb is a bulb. Wait, no, not—not when it looks like this it isn't. These energy-efficient bulbs make low power consumption a form of high art. Read More >>

You'll Happily Swap Your Old Bulbs For This Interactive Party Ball

Lightbulbs have, if anything, lost their charm in recent years. Waiting for one of those energy-saving types to warm-up is painful. The newly announced ION Party Ball is no such burden. It's designed to screw into a standard ceiling mounted light socket, but instead of just providing a warm glow to illuminate a room, it puts on a dazzling coloured light show. Read More >>

Eureka: 9 Stunning Lightbulb Designs

Without light, we'd spend 10-12 hours a day unable to function (by modern standards at least). And sure, we've always had fire and candles, but it wasn't until the advent of electricity, and then the lightbulb, that man conquered the dark once and for all. Read More >>

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How in the World Does This Wooden Lightbulb Work?

At first glance artist Ryosuke Fukusada's wooden light bulb looks like it was simply carved from a solid block of wood, and meant to hang from a ceiling as an art piece. But surprisingly it actually works, and without it going up in flames either. Read More >>

Ledo's Lustworthy LED Lights Are Another Reason To Hate Incandescents

They're not quite as traditional looking as Panasonic's recently-developed incandescent bulb replacement, and that's exactly why I love what German LED maker Ledo has done with their new retrofit LED lights. With a design that's as lustworthy as the sleekest smartphone, they give consumers yet another reason to make the switch. Read More >>

This Edison Bulb with an LED Heart Makes Us Love Incandescents Again

Like an obnoxious great uncle who's overstayed his welcome, horribly inefficient incandescent bulbs are still lingering around because we're just used to them. So Panasonic has designed a new LED alternative with a visible filament and clear glass that looks like the classic Edison bulb, while still being remarkably more energy efficient. Read More >>


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