Review: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is a Powerful Pocket TARDIS

It's the new thing phone makers do. Release a massive important flagship model to huge fanfare, then, a few months later, pretend it's too big and launch a smaller mini variant for those after something not so huge. The key thing here is Sony's not scrimped on the internals for this shrunken model. The Z1 Compact really is a big phone in a small case. Read More >>

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Wacom Cintiq Companion Review: A Dream for Drawing, Otherwise Awkward

If you're a tablet user who likes to draw, you know that the experience offered by an iPad or other consumer-oriented tablet is pretty limited. Wacom, maker of drawing-specific digital interfaces, now has a portable and powerful solution in the Cintiq Companion. It's great at one thing, but sometimes that's just not enough. Read More >>

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Fitbit Force Review: A Health Tracker You'd Actually Keep Wearing

Last year's Fitbit One had a great design, solid accuracy for steps and floors climbed, and a nice screen. The only problem was that it was so easy to accidentally leave in a pair of trews. To combat this, the company created the Fitbit Flex, its follow-up wrist-worn product to the Flex. Unfortunately, while aping Nike's Fuelband, Fitbit threw out everything that made the One so great. Read More >>

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HP Chromebook 11 Review: Cheap and Cheerful

Google's Chromebook line is often maligned as inexpensive but underpowered or, in the case of the Pixel, a really nice screen in front of limited functionality and an exorbitant price tag. But by pairing a solid build with a £230 price tag, HP seems to have finally found the right balance of affordability and performance in the new Chromebook 11. Read More >>

Canon 70D Review: DSLR Video Nirvana Comes More Into Focus

Canon has spent years making incremental improvements to its DSLR line's video features, yet it's been ages since we've seen a major step forward in functionality. While the 60D added some nice touches, its successor, the EOS 70D, makes one very specific leap towards excellence. Read More >>

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HTC One Max Review: Bigger, Not Best

The HTC One has been the darling of the smartphone scene this year, wowing reviewers (even if not wholly winning over the public when it came to sales). As is now customary, it's to be flanked by the HTC One Mini and, rounding off the smartphone size holy trinity, this, the HTC One Max. It's bigger, and comes complete with some quirky new features. But bigger doesn't always mean better. Read More >>

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Sony SmartWatch 2 Review: Um...Third Time the Charm?

The Sony SmartWatch 2 may not offer up the feast of features of its Samsung rival, but perhaps simplicity is the way to go with smartwatches. Has Sony managed to nail it, or like the first SmartWatch incarnation, is this the second-worst thing Sony's ever made? Read More >>

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Sonos Play:1 Review: Easy, Great-Sounding Wireless Music, Fun-Sized

Sonos makes some of our favourite wireless music products of all time. By taking full control of how the system works, from the app you use for playback all the way to the hardware, Sonos has turned wireless into something that everybody can enjoy. The problem has always been the price of entry—and that's where Play:1 comes in. Meet your entry-level Sonos. Read More >>

Kindle Paperwhite Review (2013): Faster, Prettier, Still the Best

When Amazon first trotted out the Kindle Paperwhite a year ago, it was the first two-tone eReader in a long time (possibly ever) to have a wow factor. The front-lit screen turned out to be every bit as beautiful as Amazon promised. A year later, the new Amazon Paperwhite is just a tad better than its predecessor. Yes, that means the new Kindle Paperwhite is still the best.

What Is It?
An iterative update of Amazon's top eReader featuring an improved screen, a faster processor, and some new software. The basic Wi-Fi model costs £109 and the 3G version costs £169.


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Tesco Hudl Review: Super Value Own-Brand Android

Tesco's Hudl tablet is, at the time of writing, considered quite cheap. Android tablet hardware has plummeted in price so quickly and to such an extent that it's possible to buy a fairly high-spec piece of kit like this for just £119, a cost that has owners of expensive, rival brand tabs scoffing with derision. It can't be a proper thing, can it? Not for that kind of price? Read More >>

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review: Biggerer and Betterer

Samsung's Galaxy Note series has been the most popular BIG phone for a couple of years now. The Galaxy Note 2 made some major improvements over the original in terms of speed and utility, and while the Galaxy Mega was a big step backwards, the Galaxy Note 3 aims to leapfrog them both. And, generally, it does. Read More >>

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Sony Xperia Z1 Review: Heavy Metal Heaven

Sony's Xperia Z was released back in March of this year, and was, according to our gentleman reviewer, the best phone Sony's ever made. Sony obviously didn't agree, though, as it's effectively rubbished its earlier effort by releasing the Xperia Z1 just six months later -- a faster, sturdier, even more luxurious smartphone. Read More >>

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LG G2 Review: A Braindead Hercules

You could put a helicopter engine on a motorcycle and fill it with rocket fuel, but if you put a toddler behind the wheel, it's not going anywhere. The same is true with phones; you can turbo-charge the processors and hardware, but if the software is stupid and terrible, you've got a stupid and terrible phone on your hands. This is that phone. Read More >>

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Samsung Galaxy Mega Review: Giant Phone Causes Existential Crisis

Hey, look at this phone, I say to my girlfriend. That's not a phone. That's a tablet, she says. Exactly. Read More >>

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New Monopoly Cat Board-Piece Review: Me-Ow

You may remember that earlier this year Monopoly announced its plans to sacrifice one of its beloved tokens in favour of adding some new blood. But it was ok! Because they were letting us (the internet) choose which icon of our childhood to kill and which hot young thing to replace it with. Given the options of a robot, helicopter, guitar, diamond ring, or cat, the internet chose the cat (because of course) and axed the iron. It was one hell of a trade. Read More >>

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KEF M500 Headphone Review: Perfect Balance of Sound and Comfort

Shopping for headphones in the £150 to £300 headphone range can be a quandary. The £150 options are mostly all fluff backed by celebrities and marketing jargon. Putting lipstick on a pig doesn't change the fact that it's still a pig, you know. Read More >>


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