Roboleg Exoskeleton Gives Blast Victim Soldiers the Ability to Fight Again

There was a time when a war wound to the leg meant the best you could hope for was a stiff drink and a piece of rope to bite down on while a surgeon sawed through your bloodied limb. But today's advancements in exoskeleton technology means we can not only save the damaged leg, but make it work again too. Read More >>

Modern-Day Bionic Man Costs About £640,000

Scientists working for forthcoming Channel 4 TV show How to Build a Bionic Man assembled the most cutting-edge prosthetic limbs available today, creating an incredibly versatile robot person for around $1m. Read More >>

Amazing Dude Climbs 103 Floors on a Brain-Powered Bionic Leg

When Zac Vawter lost his right leg in a motorbike accident, he thought he'd never walk properly again. Now, he's managed to use a bionic limb, hardwired into his nervous system, to climb 103 flights of stairs in the annual SkyRise Chicago skyscraper climbing contest. Read More >>


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