O2 Bringing Back the Problem of "Crossed Lines" to a New Generation

Sporadic reports have been complaining of crossed lines on the O2 network, with the people of Birmingham apparently getting routed into and able to eavesdrop on the odd Scottish call. Read More >>

Adult Sex Line Ads Served to School IT Helpline Callers

People trying to get telephone helpline support from Capita's school IT department have been accidentally routed through to wrong numbers, some of which have been ads for sex chat phone lines. It's what Jimmy Savile would've wanted. Read More >>

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This Optical Trick Is Annoying the Hell Out of Me

So, here are some lines moving like crazy. Stop moving like crazy, you lines! Oh, here are some squares. "Hello lines, let's all play nice together!" they say. Now everything makes sense. How did this happen? Eye witchcraft! Thank you for the squares, stupid! Read More >>


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