Try the Super-Secure USB Drive OS That Edward Snowden Insists on Using

We all know that Edward Snowden insists on secure email, but he's also very picky about his operating systems, too. In fact, he uses a free, super-secure version of Linux—called Tails—that fits on a USB stick and can be used on any computer without leaving a trace. Read More >>

You Can Build This Elegant Rapberry Pi Tablet Yourself

Hey, a new tablet! Crisp 10-inch touchscreen? Check. Luxurious carbon fibre and wood case? Present. Huge 10,000mAh battery? Yep. Linux-based and built at home? Err... Read More >>

The ISS Has Ditched Windows Entirely--For Linux

The decision will see "dozens of laptops" change from running Windows XP to Debian 6, reports Extreme Tech. There are already Linux systems aboard the ISS, but from this point on Microsoft is banned. Keith Chuvala of the United Space Alliance has explained that the move to Linux will provide"in-house control. So if we needed to patch, adjust or adapt, we could." Read More >>

Genius Game Dev Pranks Pirates With In-Game Piracy Explosion

An incredibly clever bit of anti-piracy work has been implemented by the maker of Game Dev Tycoon, with the developer releasing its own cracked version to the file-sharing web sites -- complete with game-breaking piracy elements that make playing it increasingly futile. Read More >>

DNA Is The Linux Of The Natural World

We probably all vaguely assume that computers will overthrow us someday, which may be why it's so unsettling to learn that computer code is evolving much like genetic code. By comparing bacterial genomes to Linux, researchers have found "survival of the fittest" acting in computer programming. Read More >>

Don't Worry, The Chromebook Pixel Isn't Just Stuck Running Chrome OS

The Chromebook Pixel has caught a lot of flak for being an expensive, powerful computer that arguably throws that power away on the stripped down and simple Chrome OS. Well, it doesn't have to be that way if you're game to tinker a little bit. Turns out throwing Linux on that sucker is already a breeze. Read More >>

Ubuntu Phones Will Arrive in October

According to the Wall Street Journal, Canonical is claiming that its new Ubuntu OS will be with developers by late February — ready for phones to launch in "two geographically large markets" this October. Read More >>

Full-Fledged Windows Apps Could Be Coming Soon To Your Android Phone

If you've ever messed around with Linux, you're probably familiar with a little program called "Wine," WINdows Emulator/Wine Is Not an Emulator. With its magic, you can run Windows applications on your Linux box, and soon, Wine could be running them on your Android phone as well. Read More >>

No New Raspberry Pi Models in 2013, Just Optimisations for the Original

One of the key drivers behind the Raspberry Pi project has said there won't be any new spec Pi hardware this year, as he doesn't want to abandon current users and make them feel like they've already been gazumped by newer models. What an amazing rarity in the tech world. Read More >>

£12,000 Auto-Aim Rifle Turns You Into a SAS Sniper

Sniper rifles already rank a solid 11 on the badass scale, but you know what makes them even more badass? Whacking a Terminator-style set of cyborg eyes on the top that tracks targets and then helps the shooter hit exactly what he or she wants. You can run, but you really can't hide...mwhahaha! Read More >>

Ubuntu Mobile Hands-Off: Stripped Down and Sleek

The world of mobile OSes is totally dominated by Android and iOS, but that hasn't kept Ubuntu from trying to sneak in. And finding a way into already dominated markets is kind of Ubuntu's strong suit. Read More >>

The Valve Steam Box Is Real and It's Currently At CES

After rumours, speculation, confirmation, and then yet more rumours, we finally have a glimpse at a real-life, working Steam Box. It's code-named 'Piston' and it's being made by a company called Xi3 Corporation, in whom Valve has plunked a load of dosh. Oh, and it's tiny. Read More >>

Will Ubuntu for Mobiles Succeed Where All Else Have Failed?

Last night, London-based makers of popular Linux OS Ubuntu, Canonical, unleashed a mobile version of Ubuntu which also provides options to dock and give you a desktop experience. Even if it ultimately doesn't work, this is an important innovation because phone/desktop hybrids are quite possibly where the future of computing lies -- one device to rule them all, one device to--oh, you get the idea. Read More >>

Ubuntu Takes a Stab at the Smartphone-Desktop Combo

Motorola couldn't make it work with its Atrix, but apparently London-based Canonical thinks it can do better. You'll soon be able to get Ubuntu on a phone, which you can then dock and get a full Ubuntu desktop experience. I'll believe it when I see it. Read More >>

Do You Care About Ubuntu?

So we were just having a discussion about Linux and someone mentioned that nobody cares about Ubuntu. While that may be true for the vast majority of folks, I'm wondering if it's true of our readers. Please discuss. Read More >>

Why Would Nokia Want to Hire an Android Expert? (Updated)

A job ad posted by Nokia on employment network LinkedIn sees the company looking to hire a senior engineer to work on new mobile devices and software, but they're not Windows Phones. It's for Linux. Which is the core of Android. Read More >>


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