Why Would Nokia Want to Hire an Android Expert? (Updated)

A job ad posted by Nokia on employment network LinkedIn sees the company looking to hire a senior engineer to work on new mobile devices and software, but they're not Windows Phones. It's for Linux. Which is the core of Android. Read More >>

Steam's Big Picture TV Mode Launches in Beta for Casual PC Gamers

PC publisher Valve has just launched the thing it calls Big Picture Mode, with a beta version of its TV interface for the Steam delivery network now live for everyone to have a play with. Read More >>

Heads Up Linux Gamers -- Steam Beta Imminent

Looks like Valve's cooking up a treat over at HQ, with rumours that a Steam beta for Linux is literally just around the corner. The entry is very sparse at moment, but history tells us that once up on Open Steam Works, it's only a matter of time before it is released. What's next? A Linux SteamBox perhaps? [PC GamesN] Read More >>

You Can Now Grab Chromium For Your Raspberry Pi For Even Faster Browsing

Your sweet-tasting Raspberry Pi just got a big speed boost courtesy of the new Raspbian build, now you can soup up your browsing even further with a brand new Pi-compatible Chromium install. Read More >>

The Raspberry Pi Gets a Big Speed Boost

The Raspberry Pi is awesome. Less than £30 nabs you a pocket computer to do your worst with, but it's not quite lightning quick, at least when trying to browse the web. That's about to change though, as its default recommended OS has gotten a massive kick in the pants for more speed. Read More >>

Here's What the Creator of Linux Thinks of NVIDIA

Why is Linus Torvald, father of the open source Linux operating system, so angry? It's the years of neglect that his baby has suffered at the hands of NVIDIA, apparently. Read More >>

Behold: The Tricorder Is Real and It Runs Linux

We heard the X Prize was trying to turn Star Trek into reality, but now a cognitive science researcher has turned the fictional tricorder into an awesome clamshelled-reality. Best of all it runs Linux and you could build one yourself, thanks to Dr. Jansen’s freely-released schematics. Read More >>

Is Anonymous Spinning Out of Control?

Yesterday, we learned Anonymous put out their very own hackeriffic OS—a tricked-out version of Linux filled with tools for mischief. Oops! It's filled with trojans instead. Get used to more of this. Read More >>

A Kiddy-Hacker's Wet Dream -- Anonymous Has Its Own OS

Anonymous has released its own operating system, full-to-the-brim with hacking tools. It’s based on Ubuntu, but would you trust an OS from a hacking group? Surely that’s just going to instantly turn you into a botnet drone? Read More >>

Grab Your Rapsberry Pi-Flavoured Fedora Remix Right Now

The recommended Raspberry Pi Linux distro, the Fedora Remix we heard about last month, is finally available for download. It's even got a novice-friendly, easy-peasy installer for Windows that'll format the SD card, and do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can just slam the card into your Pi and boot the mini-marvel up. Read More >>

Hands-On With the Only Raspberry Pi Left in London

It might have sold out everywhere within seconds, but the guys from Element14 were kind enough to come by and show us the only slice of Raspberry Pi left in London to put it through it’s paces. Read More >>

Can't Get Enough Pi? Grab the Raspberry Pi's Official Arch Linux Right Now

You might not be able to get your mitts on one just yet, unless you were one of the lucky ones that is, but you can get your downloading-tendrils all over its official Arch Linux ARM operating system right now. Read More >>

Raspberry Pi Shows Off Its Shiny New Fedora Linux Remix

The Raspberry Pi is so close I can almost taste it. I’m not quite sure why I’m so excited about it; maybe it’s the low cost and pure hackability of it. At any rate, we now have a video walking you through its brand new Fedora Remix to ogle over. Read More >>

The Tablet That Every Linux Lover Has Been Waiting For

While most people just want their devices to work so that they can do stuff, some people love tinkering with operating systems. Until now, the tablet sector's been ripe for hacking, but there hasn't been anything that's truly open-source and easy to fiddle with from the get-go. This Spark tablet puts that straight. Read More >>


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