Listen to This Year's 100 Top-Streamed Spotify Tracks Right Here

If all your favourite playlist is missing is everyone else's playlist favourites, fear not! Spotify has released its 100 most-streamed songs of the 2013, globally. The results? The most agreeable mix you'll hear all year—and a whole lot of Rihanna. Read More >>

Microsoft is Apparently now "Cooler" With the Kids

If you are lucky enough to be, or happen to hang around with people under the age of 29, they may well have a new favourite fashionable tech company -- Mircrosoft. Yes, the same one. The Windows one. The old Bill Gates one. It's apparently quite cool now. Read More >>

Every Single Microsoft Device. Ever.

With the release of Surface, Microsoft is taking a serious dive into the wide world of hardware production. But this isn't the first time Microsoft has gone down that road. In fact, Redmond has racked up a pretty impressive catalogue of devices. Here's a list of all of them. Read More >>

The 38 Things Every Photographer Needs in His Bag

Shawn Corrigan is by some accounts the hardest-working photography assistant in the history of hard-working people. But since he can't join every single photographer on every single shoot, he put together a list of everything you'd need to replicate having a badass sidekick. Read More >>


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