The Amazing Technologies That'll Power the Smartphones of the Future

Battery life is the scourge of every gadget owner. No matter how pretty your shiny new toy is, you'll almost certainly spend half your waking hours fretting about when it's going to die. Thankfully, scientists across the world are working to solve this incredible first-world problem -- and here are the solutions they've come up with so far. Read More >>

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Where the Most Important Part of Your Battery Comes From

Lithium (Greek for "stone") is the third element on the periodic table, a silvery-white alkali metal that's soft enough to be cut with a table knife. It's also the lightest metal on Earth, as well as the least-dense solid element. It has the equivalent density of a plank of pine wood, and half that of water. It floats in oil (and water too, though that'd end very badly since, you know, alkali go boom), and since it's reactive with moisture in the air, pure lithium is typically stored in anaerobic conditions and covered in either mineral oil, petroleum jelly, or some other such non-reactive liquid. Read More >>

giz explains
Giz Explains: Everything You Need to Know about Batteries

Nobody thinks about batteries—until they've run out of juice, of course. But this humble and surprisingly ancient technology has done far more for human civilization than most people realize. Read More >>

3M's Silicon Anodes Could Boost Gadget Battery Life by 40 Per Cent

Graphite is a common choice for anodes in Li-Ion battery systems but doesn't store much charge for its bulk. However, 3M's newly-devised electrode could boost battery life and replace the soft-carbon material for good. Read More >>


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