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Watch a Man Disappear Before Your Eyes

Chinese artist Liu Bolin does a wonderful job of hiding himself in all kinds of locations, but this video reveals exactly how he does it. Read More >>

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Can You Find the Man Hiding Among These Mobile Phones?

We're a massive fan of the invisible Chinese artist Liu Bolin, and he's at it again. A new exhibition at Galerie Paris-Beijing is showcasing his latest work and our favourite—unsurprisingly!—is this one, where he's hiding in front of a wall of mobile phones. Can you spot him? [Galerie Paris-Beijing via Design Boom] Read More >>

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Can You See the Man Hidden in These Pandas?

The awesome invisible man—Chinese artist Liu Bolin—is at it again. Can you see him in this toy store shelf, which is full of stuffed pandas? It's well worth checking out his latest creations, if you're a fan: [EKFineart] Read More >>


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