BBC News Presenter Falls into Oblivion in Live Camera Error

BBC Look North presenter Caroline Bilton sank out of sight live on air, as some sort of camera problem made it look as if her chair had fallen down a hole. The error was blamed on a "technical hitch," with co-presenter Leanne Brown doing a great job of not laughing at the bizarre spatial balls-up. [Metro] Read More >>

A Glimpse at Intel's Future: Being Inside... Everything

Intel is known as a manufacturer of chips that power your laptop. Simple enough. But it wants—it needs—to be more if it wants to come along for the mobile, wearable, hybrid-fuelled world. Tonight, it gave insight into its ambitions. They're huge. Read More >>

gaming Warns PS4 Owners to Stick to Games and Avoid the Weirdo Webcam Sexcasts

Gamers with a PlayStation4 and the camera adaptor have been using augmented reality title Playroom to turn their consoles into impromptu webcam broadcasting machines, with the gamer TV network now said to be banning people for streaming non-gaming material. Read More >>

BBC Presenter Mistakes A4 Paper for iPad, Bravely Continues With Live Bulletin

Poor old BBC News anchor Simon McCoy has made one of the best live TV slips since his supporting role in Schafernaker-gate, by managing to present a bulletin holding a ream of A4 paper in place of his usual iPad. Read More >>

Watch Engineers Right the Costa Concordia, Live

The BBC's currently carrying a live stream of the efforts to salvage stricken cruise ship Costa Concordia from its sideways watery slumber, as engineers slowly pull the boat off the rocks where it's been rusting away since early last year. Read More >>

PS4's Cloud Gaming Will Miss Launch Due to Flaky EU Broadband

Sony's plans for online streaming of older games appear to be in a bit of a mess right now, with the hardware maker saying the live-streaming features won't appear in the US at launch -- and the European roll-out is likely to take even longer as our broadband's so patchy. Read More >>

BT Sport App Glitches Ruin its Live Premier League Debut

The BT Sport live streaming channel managed to hoof it over the bar when presented with an open goal this weekend, with complaints firing in over its streaming tech's failure to cope with the first live game of the new Premier League season. Read More >>

BT Sport Channel Now Live for BT ISP Users

If your internet comes through BT and you like listening to Claire Balding going on about horses and occasionally watching some football, your luck's in -- the new BT Sport channels are now live in the UK. Read More >>

Japan Testing 4K Video Streams Through the Internet

Imagine how rubbish your internet's going to be when all your neighbours and their kids are streaming films in 4K all evening on their TVs and laptops. That's the scenario being tested in Japan right now, where one network is bunging 4K content to its subscribers down a standard broadband connection. Read More >>

TVCatchup Does Break Copyright Rules -- Will Have to Ditch Channels to Continue

The ongoing legal case between some of the UK's big ad-funded TV networks and streaming site TVCatchup has come its latest conclusion, with the European court of Justice ruling that any streaming services must get permission from the original broadcaster to redistribute their feeds. And that's very unlikely to be granted. Read More >>

BBC Forcing Poor Old Sir David Attenborough to go on Twitter

After proudly serving the nation for 1,000 years and informing us about the sex lives of beetles, whales, elephants and butterflies, Sir David Attenborough is about to face humiliation at the hands of the BBC -- it's making him sit down and go on Twitter. For a whole hour. Read More >>

Around 5,000 People Work on Webcam Sex Streams in the UK

The rise of video sharing sites and resulting flop of physical porn sales has led to a change in how porn stars work and deliver their, er, material, to the masses, with an estimated 5,000 people, most of whom we'd assume to be ladies called Sindy, working on live porn webcam streams in the UK. Read More >>

An iPhone, a Pawn Shop Tripod and a Beer Tray Helped Make the BBC's First Live Smartphone Video Interview

Apple has picked up a very nice PR win today to help offset the kidney-kicking it's had over the last fortnight, thanks to the BBC using an iPhone to broadcast a live video report from flood-struck Stockton. Read More >>

Image of Mars Curiosity Moving for the First Time

The success of the Mars Curiosity rover continues. As this image just released buy NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory shows, Curiosity is now moving without any problem whatsoever. Read More >>

image cache
This Is Mars Curiosity's First Image

The Mars Curiosity Rover has landed successfully! And here's the first image, from the hazard cameras that will help it navigate through the surface of Mars. This is a phenomenal achievement. And here is its first image. Read More >>

BT is the Surprise New Home of Premier League Football

BT has just agreed to pay an enormous £246m per year to show selected live Premier League matches, which it'll begin to broadcast/stream when the 2013/14 football season starts. How many exchanges could it have upgraded to fibre for that money? Read More >>


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