Under Armour Will Debut the World's Fastest Speedskating Suit In Sochi

As much as the Olympics are a test of humanity's physical capabilities, these days the events are also an opportunity for equipment makers to show off their latest technologies designed to enhance an athlete's performance. And it's fitting that Under Armour's new speedskating suit—which the company claims is the fastest in the world—is called the Mach 39, since it was developed with the help of Lockheed Martin. Read More >>

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This F-35B's Vertical Night Landing Makes It Look Like a Badass UFO

On August 14th, the amazing, hovering F-35B made its first, vertical, at-sea night landing on the USS WASP. We've seen it hover before, and even do a vertical take off, but man, nothing quite compares to the sheer night-vision, sci-fi awesomeness of this clip. Read More >>

Highlights from the World's Largest Drone Fair

Defence industry specialists circled up in Washington this week for the three-day-long trade fair of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International. In other words, a bunch of guys with a lot of money just got together for a giant drone show. It's actually the world's largest. And here are its wares. Read More >>

Making Salt Water Drinkable Just Got 99 Per Cent Cheaper

Access to steady supplies of clean water is getting more and more difficult in the developing world, especially as demand skyrockets. In response, many countries have turned to the sea for potable fluids but existing reverse osmosis plants rely on complicated processes that are expensive and energy-intensive to operate. Good thing, engineers at Lockheed Martin have just announced a newly-developed salt filter that could reduce desalinisation energy costs by 99 percent. Read More >>

The Trillion Dollar F-35 Is Grounded Yet Again

In what is becoming almost as consistent as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, the F-35—America's trillion dollar joke of a fighter jet—has been grounded again. I don't even know how many times the fighter jet has been grounded now, I've lost count. This time, it's because of a crack in a turbine blade of the engine. Read More >>

Holy F*ck—Look at All These SR-71 Blackbirds Together!

Like Richard Gottardo says: this image reaches a "maximum amount of awesomeness." Eleven! Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbirds—perhaps the most exhilarating piece of flying titanium ever to touch the sky along with the Oxcart A-12—"posing" together. Read More >>

Laser-Fueled Drones May Never Have to Land

Working with wireless power specialists LaserMotive, Lockheed Martin has successfully completed preliminary tests of a new laser refueling system that extended the flight time of its Stalker unmanned aerial drone to over 48 hours. Read More >>

The F-16 Gets Upgraded To Play Nice With Modern Fighters

It's obvious the new F-35 needs all the help it can get. So Lockheed Martin has just unveiled an updated version of its F-16, the F-16V, which will make the proven fighter interoperate better with the F-35 and F-22. Read More >>

Upgraded GPS Satellite Prototype Begins Testing

Europe isn't the only one looking to deploy a next-generation satellite positioning system -- the US is at it too, upgrading the current GPS system, which we all rely on right now. The "Block III" satellites are due for blast-off around May 2014, but before being hurled into space, they have to go through rigorous testing. The first prototype is ready to be put through its paces, but will never see the void of space. Read More >>


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