Google Celebrates On/Off/Yes/No Logic Pioneer George Boole

Google's back to doing the worthy and educational doodles after its Halloween gaming outing, with today seeing the 200th anniversary of the birth of maths innovator George Boole marked with a flashing animated thingy on the search giant's entry portal. Read More >>

And or Not: An Explanation of the Logic Gates That Define Our Gadgets

Logic gates are fundamental building blocks of digital circuits. In combination, they can be used to build large networks that performs complex operations — like your computer. But how, exactly, do they work? Read More >>

Apple Logic Pro X: A Whole New Look for Apple’s Music-Making Machine

Apple just announced a new version of its top-end music production software. It's been four years since Apple updated its professional editing suite, so there's a long list of upgrades in Logic Pro X. The improvements range from an overhauled interface to an iPad controller app to a new automatic drummer feature to help fill in your song when you can't get a drummer into the studio. It's available now for £140. Read More >>

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The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever (and How to Solve It)

It's that strange time year, the lull between Christmas and New Year, when you're not really celebrating but not really working either. So, how about you wrap your brain around the world's hardest logic puzzle to keep yourself amused? Y'know, just for fun. Read More >>

Why Smart People Are Actually Dumb

The human brain is a weird old thing. When confronted with a new, uncertain situation, it virtually always abandons careful analysis, and instead resorts to a host of mental shortcuts—that almost always lead to the wrong answer. Turns out, the smarter you are, the more likely you are to make such mistakes. Read More >>