Logitech's New Auto-Dimming Keyboard is Perfect for Movie Night

In the good ol' days, finding the buttons on your remote in the dark was hard enough—but now, finding the keys of you keyboard is a living hell. Enter Logitech's neat little auto-dimming keyboard, which seems just perfect for movie night. Read More >>

Samsung's Galaxy NotePRO and Galaxy TabPRO Tablets are Big and Dreamy

Samsung's tablet family is about get a few new professional members. The new Android tablets, dubbed the Galaxy NotePRO and Galaxy TabPRO (which includes three sizes) are definitely aimed at the business sector, but they certainly look like flagship products that anybody would want to get their hands on. Read More >>

Logitech PowerShell: A Slim, Sturdy, (Maybe Excellent) iOS Gaming Controller

The anticipated gaming controllers for iPhone and iPod Touch are arriving in droves it seems. Today, we're getting our first look at the Logitech PowerShell, an insanely simple little gamepad that's supposed to turn touch gaming into something closer to console gaming—without going overboard. Read More >>

Could This Logitech Gamepad Be the First Official iPhone Gaming Controller?

This image posted by perpetual juicy rumor machine @evleaks shows an image of what could be a forthcoming iPhone gaming controller from Logitech. Given Apple's reference designs for such a controller released at WWDC this year, the supposed leak looks pretty legit. Read More >>

Need an Expensive Poser Mouse to go With Your Expensive Poser Computer?

Then you might want the Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630, a wireless mouse designed to look as posh and flashy as your posh, flashy ultrabook or MacBook. It's even made out of brushed metal to set you aside from the Dell-using massive. Read More >>

Since When Are Logitech Products So Pretty?

I remember my family's first Logitech product well. It was a mouse, roughly the size of a small football and shaped like a half eaten apple and the color of dirty bones. It rolled and it clicked and did everything it was supposed to. It was not an artifact of fine design. Read More >>

The Best Bluetooth Headphones Money Can Buy

Wires suck. Fact -- they get lost, broken, or filched by unscrupulous flatmates. Better to do away with them altogether, which is why we've corralled together a collection of the best Bluetooth headphones money can buy, to see if any of them have the chops to replace good old-fashioned copper. The results, after a couple months of testing, are surprisingly positive. Read More >>

Declutter Your Coffee Table and Control Your Lights With These Smart Remotes

Logitech's announced two new universal remote controls to try and tidy up your cluttered coffee table. Not just that, but they can control your lights and even make use of Wi-Fi. Take that, poor range. Read More >>

A Giant Radio-Controlled Clown Fish Is Your Disturbingly-Large-Flying-Nemo Deal of the Day

Do you feel as though there’s something missing in your life, but you're not quite sure what it is? Is it a pet, a loyal beast for you to share your life with? The trouble is that pets can consume a lot of money, time, energy and food. Read More >>

Logitech's Wi-Fi Webcam Turns Your MacBook Into a Broadcast Studio

Built-in webcams have been a standard option on Macs for the past six or seven years. So it seems a bit odd for Logitech to release an external webcam that's designed exclusively for Apple hardware. But if you're tired of your camera being stuck above your display, the Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam will give you a new angle on recording. Read More >>

Easy-Switching Bluetooth Keyboard Condones Gadget Polygamy

Multiple pairings might be frowned upon when it comes to spouses, but no one's going to complain about Logitech's new K810 Bluetooth keyboard, which can pair and easily switch between up to three devices at once. And despite the slight hit in battery life, night owls will appreciate the fact it comes with backlit keys that self-adjust to match the room's ambient lighting. Read More >>

Football Manager 2013 Is Your "What Terry Would Have Wanted, Honest" Deal of the Day

Right now, the world is shocked beyond actual mourning following the news that TV presenter, sea lion enthusiast and otter enemy Terry Nutkins has passed away. Our loss is Zoo Heaven's gain. Read More >>

Logitech Announces the Launch of a New Line of Ultimate Ears Products

Logitech and UE first combined forces back in 2008 and delivered the UE Air Speaker earlier this year which was a pretty decent AirPlay affair, but now they're back to pump out a whole (pricey!) range including headphones, earphones, wireless speakers and a smart radio too. Read More >>

A Washable Keyboard That's Worth Keeping Clean

Because even germaphobes deserve nice things, today Logitech unveiled its new K310 washable keyboard with a snazzy waterproof design that can be scrubbed and submerged in up to 30cm of water. So it's perfect for the next time a sneezy co-worker uses your computer. Read More >>

This £180 Camera Turns Your TV Into a Skype Centre

Using Skype on your TV is kinda neat: it opens the conversation right up and makes group chats more fun. Now Skype and Logitech have announced a new TV-mounted camera that lets you do that conveniently — for a price. Read More >>

GTA IV Is Your PC-Gaming's-Not-Dead Deal of the Day

When it comes to gaming, the humble PC sometimes gets left out in comparison to the flashing, whirring, sparking 'gaming consoles'. Which is a ridiculous state of affairs and one that we're going to sort out right now. Read More >>


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