Lomography's New Lens Kit Turns Your Mirrorless Camera Into a Fun Toy

Lomography, maker of your favourite retro plastic film cameras, is diving into the world of digital with a new package of three experimental lenses for micro four thirds mirrorless cameras. The photos look pretty incredible, even if they're not exactly "high quality." Read More >>

An Incredible 19th Century Lens Has Been Reengineered by Lomography For Your DSLR

In 1840, Joseph Petzval invented an optical portrait lens, which for the rest of the century would be used to take loads of photos. Now, Lomography has reengineered the lens from the ground up for today's Canon and Nikon cameras. And the photos are incredible. Read More >>

Photography Is Even More Satisfying When You Build Your Own Camera

If there's one thing that's keeping traditional analog film still alive, it's Lomography's relentless pursuit to keep the medium alive with unique cameras that always seem to bring a new approach to film photography. And this time around it's introducing the Konstruktor: a £22.50 build-it-yourself plastic camera that gives photographers a crash course on how they're soul-stealing device really works. Read More >>

Lomography's Smartphone Scanner Digitises Film Right to Your Mobile Device

Lomography has made sharing photos from a film camera a heck of a lot easier with its new Smartphone Scanner that's finally available from the company's online store. It replaces a desktop scanner and PC with a compact, collapsible rig that uses your smartphone's camera to digitise negatives and slides. Read More >>

No One Could Mistake Lomography's Gorgeous Bellows Camera for Digital

Many photographers who still shoot on film do so for its unique aesthetics. But a small subset just downright hate digital cameras, and with Lomo's new Belair X 6-12 and its retro bellow mechanism hanging around their neck, no one will ever mistake their shooter for one of those new-fangled digital monstrosities. Read More >>

Win One of Five Copies of Lomography's New City Guide to London

London: officially the most exciting city in the world. But admittedly it can be a real ball-ache discovering all the best nooks and crannies all on your tod, which brings me neatly to Lomography's latest city guide, which (*sounds self-promotional klaxon*) yours truly contributed a few of her favourite secret London tips and photos to. We've got five copies to give away to Giz UK readers, and don't worry, we won't make you leap too many Olympic-sized hurdles to get one. Read More >>

Lomography Gives the Recently-Revived 110 Film a Fisheye Baby 110 Camera to Call Its Own

Having resurrected the 1970s 110 film format from the grave, Lomography's just unveiled a mini version of its popular Fisheye camera, the Fisheye Baby 110. Taking the same 170-degree fisheye photos (great for cat pics!), the Baby 110 fits in a pocket and looks really cute in its two available colourways. Read More >>

LomoKino Adapter Lets Your Phone Capture 35mm Movies Without an App

In addition to still cameras, Lomography also makes the LomoKino which lets retro enthusiasts capture 35mm movies in all their scratchy, grainy glory. But sharing those creations isn't easy, at least without this smartphone adapter which lets you digitise your flicks. Read More >>

film week
Which Giz UK Readers Won Those Nine Lomography Cameras?

Over 1,000 people entered our two competitions during Film Week last week, proving it's not the end of the line for companies such as Kodak and Fujifilm. But who's walking away with one of nine Lomography cameras to keep film developers in business? These talented sods, that's who: Read More >>

film week
So Why Are So Many People Discovering Film -- Or Rediscovering It?

With some stores reporting up to a 15 per cent increase on film processing in the last year, there's no doubting there's a growing market for film photography. I caught up with Lomography's art director and co-founder Sally Bibawy to find out why they think people are flocking back to film (or giving it a go for the very first time.) Read More >>

film week
The Gizmodo UK Shindig, Caught on Film

To prove to you how beautiful film photography can be this Film Week, the guys from Lomography shot a bunch of rolls at the Giz UK party on Wednesday night; the results of which are up in our gallery here. And if you like the crazy colour-shifts and vignetted effects, you can try and win one of nine cameras right here on Giz. Read More >>

film week
Lomography's Manchester Store Opens 16th December

Just in case you hadn't got the message yet, film photography is far from dead -- in fact, Lomography is about to open its first UK store outside of London, in Manchester. Located at 20 Oldham Street in the northern quarter, they're throwing an opening party for fans of the brand on the 16th of December from 6pm. Read More >>

film week
Win One of Nine Lomography Cameras This Film Week

To help you get on your way to (re)discovering film photography, Lomography's donated a bunch of cameras to the Giz UK Film Week cause. Whether you keep them for yourself, or re-gift them as Chrimbo presents is up to you, but you'll definitely be wanting to enter the two following competitions: Read More >>

Giant DIY Lomo Camera Captures Every Drunken Wedding Photo Op

Instead of having an obnoxious wedding photographer trying to grab candid shots of the guests during the reception, Instructables user letMeBeFranks built this gigantic Lomography camera that served as a private photobooth. At £95, constructed from scrounged parts and equipment from around his home, it was a lot cheaper than renting one too. Read More >>

lightning review
Lomography LomoKino Lightning Review: Lights! Camera! And...Crank the Handle to Film the Action!

Lomography has reached back into the past, rummaged around a bit, and pulled out their own version of a 35mm movie-maker. Novelty it may be, but at £65, that dinky black LomoKino box is one of the Austrian brand's cheapest-ever analogue cameras. Read More >>

Lomokino Is Lomography's Dinky 35mm Video Camera

Styled kind of like an old Kodak Brownie, Lomography's first-ever video camera, the Lomokino, shoots video on ordinary rolls of 35mm film with a little crank of a handle. Capable of squeezing up to 50 seconds of footage onto a standard 36-frame roll, the finished results are a real throw back to ye olden days. Read More >>


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