Here's Why We'll Here Those Tennis Grunts at the London Olympics

The thawck of an arrow hitting a target. The splash of a swimmer diving into the pool. The clap of a sprinter's feet hitting the track. Those are some of the noises you'll hear broadcast through your TV when the London Olympics kick off next Friday. But you're not just hearing those signature sounds of sport naturally—in fact, it takes an immense amount of movie-calibre production. Read More >>

MP Warns the Olympics Might Get Hacked as SOCA's Site Lays Down and Dies

It's not the best time to be a government site at the moment, it seems hackers think you're fair game. SOCA's been taken out by a botnet army in a classic DDoS attack, while we're being warned that the upcoming London Olympics aren't exactly immune to the wrath of hackers either, although the government is trying its best. Read More >>


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