The Tube Strike: Everything You Need to Know to Survive Commuter Hell

After weeks of seesawing negotiations, Londoners will tonight have to brace themselves for a 48-hour tube strike, severely limiting the transport service that runs like veins beneath the capital's streets. It's a mess, but with a bit of forward planning, you should be able to get to where you need to be. Just don't expect to be on time. Read More >>

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What Do London Tube Stations Taste Like?

James Wannerton has synaesthesia, a neurological condition that mixes up your senses in the brain, which means he can taste what he sees. Now he's put that incredible power to good use to tell us what each Tube stop tastes like, having spent 49 years visiting each one on the London Underground. In what's probably the weirdest Tube map spin-off ever, Wimbledon is apparently like jelly, whereas Mile End tastes like fingernails. Yuck. Read More >>

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This is What London Would Look Like If It Actually Conformed to the Tube Map

Everyone knows that the iconic London Underground map isn't exactly a fair representation of the actual geography of London. It's a diagram, originally based on the ideas of a circuit diagram, but if London's geography really did fit into the bounds of the tube map, this bizarrely-warped affair is what it would look like. Read More >>

O2's Free Wi-Fi on the Tube is is Just as Delayed as the Trains

O2 previously promised that like those on Vodafone and EE, its customers would start getting free Wi-Fi on the Underground as of June. Well, it's July (and supposedly summer) already, but the O2 Wi-Fi rollout is being delayed until the 22nd July owing to 'technical issues'. Given they'll be using Virgin Media's infrastructure like everyone else, those must be pretty special problems. [The Inquirer] Read More >>

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This Amazing "Ghost" Tube Map Shows All the Ghost Stations

Did you know that the District line used to run all the way from Windsor to Southend in Essex? Or that the Metropolitan line ran miles outside of Zone 9? Taking the work of Dylan Maryk, a tube enthusiast, Us Versus Them put all the dead or moved stations onto the iconic tube schematic. The result is this eye-opening "ghost" station map. Read More >>

O2's Giving You Free Virgin London Tube Wi-Fi Now Too

Good news if you're on O2. The network's just announced a deal with Virgin to give its customers free Wi-Fi access on London Underground, just like Vodafone and EE, from June. That will leave just Three and the MVNOs out of the free Tube Wi-Fi party. [Virgin] Read More >>

Virgin Starts Charging For Tube Wi-Fi Today, But Will You Pay?

Virgin's London Tube Wi-Fi network is pretty useful, I have to admit, but the free ride is now over. From today, Virgin will start charging you for access unless you happen to be on EE, Vodafone or Virgin. It's not that expensive, but will you actually pay for it now? Read More >>

Underground Wi-Fi Faster Than the UK House Average

Perhaps surprising to many, especially compared with the multitude of various delays the underground suffers, it turns out that the Tube Wi-Fi is quite the speed demon, with actual decent download speeds that are faster than the nation's average speed. Read More >>

Free Wi-Fi Goes Live On London's Tube Today

We heard about the 80 tube stations that'll be getting free Wi-Fi courtesy of Virgin by the end of July, but the first of them have already gone live for all your free internet sipping needs -- time to go find out how fast they really are for yourselves. Read More >>

These Are the London Tube Stations You'll Be Able to Get Free Wi-Fi In

After seeing what kind of speeds we can get on Virgin's new tube Wi-Fi network while no one else is on them, we now know which 80 stations you'll actually be able to grab the sweet, free, underground internet in before August. Read More >>


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