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What Do London Tube Stations Taste Like?

James Wannerton has synaesthesia, a neurological condition that mixes up your senses in the brain, which means he can taste what he sees. Now he's put that incredible power to good use to tell us what each Tube stop tastes like, having spent 49 years visiting each one on the London Underground. In what's probably the weirdest Tube map spin-off ever, Wimbledon is apparently like jelly, whereas Mile End tastes like fingernails. Yuck. Read More >>

Anyone Spotted One of these Awesome New London Tube £2 Coins?

Check your change folks. Apparently the Royal Mint's been firing out some fancy new commemorative £2 coins via London Tube stations, celebrating 150 years of the London Underground. The first load has been given to select tube stations for doling out in change, before a wide release later this year. Read More >>


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