London Underground Investing £330m in Mass Tube Station Jazz-Up

Transport for London has announced a plan to throw £330m at London's tube network, with the money set to be spent on refreshing around 70 stations over the next seven years. New floors, walls, efficient lighting and yet more CCTV cameras to catch you weeing in the tunnels will eventually hit the city's underground world. Read More >>

Jubilee Line Tube Driver Arrested for Being Drunk at the Controls

A 50-year old tube driver has been arrested, after being found drunk during his shift at the controls of a northbound Jubilee Line train on Saturday afternoon. Read More >>

£16 Billion "Boris Bus" Inspired Tube Train Upgrade Planned

£16 billion is being injected into London's Underground tube system, with a new fleet of air-conditioned, walk-through trains top of the wishlist of the Underground's MD. Read More >>

This Week's London Underground Tube Strike is Called Off (Updated)

Now, let's not jump for joy just yet, but it's looking likely that the second bout of London Underground tube strikes, expected to start tonight, may be about to be called off. The TSSA union is stating that it has reached an eleventh-hour deal with the Acas mediation body. Read More >>

Friday's Tube Revenue Strike Will Open the Floodgates for Fare Evaders

While this week's 48-hour London Underground walkout may be grabbing all the headlines, there's also another kind of tube strike happening this Friday and next Monday, one that will make it easier than ever to bunk a fare. Read More >>

The Tube Strike: Everything You Need to Know to Survive Commuter Hell

After weeks of seesawing negotiations, Londoners will tonight have to brace themselves for a 48-hour tube strike, severely limiting the transport service that runs like veins beneath the capital's streets. It's a mess, but with a bit of forward planning, you should be able to get to where you need to be. Just don't expect to be on time. Read More >>

Confirmed: London Underground's Victoria Station Control Room is Flooded With Concrete

Those hoping for a smooth journey home on one of London's most vital transport routes may be in for a bit of a nightmare tonight. News is coming in that the Victoria Line has ground to a halt between Warren Street and Brixton. The cause? Someone's flooded the signalling room at Victoria with quick-setting concrete. Read More >>

This is London's Favourite Underground Poster

The enthusiast crowd at the London Transport Museum was asked to vote for its favourite veteran London Underground poster, with the 40,000 voters eventually plumping for Horace Taylor's 1924 portrayal of well-dressed toffs heading down the escalators for an evening of debauchery. Read More >>

London Underground's Excess Heat Will be Used to Warm Homes

If you've ever braved London Underground's Northern Line tube service during rush hour, you'll have have experienced the 10th circle of hell that Dante somehow managed to forget. Cramped, sweaty and hot enough to make you faint, it's horrible. But all that excess heat may serve a worthy purpose yet, as it's being earmarked to warm some of London homes. Read More >>

Amazon to Take Over Closed Tube Station Ticket Offices as Parcel Collection Points?

While it seems Londoners are unanimously in favour of London Underground's plans to run Tube services through the night from 2015, few will be pleased to hear that with the move also comes the closure of manned ticket offices, and a host of resultant job losses. But Amazon may be about to give that cloud its silver lining. Read More >>

London Underground Tube to Run 24 Hours a Day on Weekends From 2015

The dreaded 3am night bus journey home is set to become a thing of the past for Londoners, as London Underground has announced that portions of the Tube network will run 24 hours a day on weekends, starting from 2015. Read More >>

Tube of the Future Could Have 3G and 4G...But Not Without A Tonne of Cash

We've already got Wi-Fi on the London Underground, but what about tapping into our 3G or 4G data connections when hurtling down the Tube tunnels? Well, it's tested, it works, and it's totally feasible. But not without a crap load of private investment, says TfL. Read More >>

From Umbrellas to a Loved One's Ashes, the TFL Lost Property Office Has It All

I once lost my passport, lucky Sooty badge and a journal full of syrupy Sixth Form level poetry on a bus and, for a few weeks afterwards, became seriously paranoid that someone was going to take my identity, make a fortune off my flowing verse and, well, probably just throw away the Sooty badge. The reality was actually far different, with my satchel making its way to Transport for London's Lost Property department, a sprawling treasure trove of dotting commuter's goods. Read More >>

Is the "Inspirio" the Air-Conditioned Future of the London Underground Tube?

The sweaty, cramped, pervert's haven that is the London Underground system at rush hour could become a distant memory if this Siemens redesign concept for the Tube train gets the greenlight. Read More >>

"Severe Delays on the Goalscorers Line": Tube Map Gets Football Makeover For 150th Anniversary

Set to make Tube-bound tourists' trips to the capital a living hell, London Underground has revealed a football-inspired reworking of the iconic Tube map to mark both its own 150th anniversary and that of the Football Association. Read More >>

9 Classic Posters From the London Tube's 150 Year History

The London Underground secured a place in the pantheon of good graphic design with engineer Harry Beck’s topologic Tube Map from 1933. In addition to that icon, however, the transit system has a pretty substantial history of bringing top-notch visuals to the subterranean masses; posters promoting everything from the Underground’s pleasant temperature control—cooler on hot days and warmer when it’s foggy!—to motor shows to the Regent’s Park Zoo have adorned station walls (and delighted passengers) for decades. Read More >>


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