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Is the Samsung Galaxy S III Coming to the UK as Soon as March 30th?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Well what do we have here then? Has Phones 4u just leaked that Samsung’s going to release the Galaxy S III in London on the 30th of March? These shots were taken of the Phones 4u store on London’s Oxford Street, but apart from that we don’t have much information. We know Samsung’s going to announce its new flagship within the next couple of months, but previous rumours pointed at April and May, not March.

100Mbps Broadband Might Be Coming Your Way as the UK is to Get 10 "Super-Connected" Cities

By Sam Gibbs on at

We’ve heard the government mull over the idea of “super-connected” cities before, but this time the Chancellor has made it part of the country’s budget. He’s allocated some £100 million pounds from the Treasury to force-up broadband speeds to at least 100Mbps in 10 of the UK’s major cities including the capitals, plus Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle.

The Olympics May Kill the Internet

By Sam Gibbs on at

As London gears up for the Olympics, most of the outward worrying has surrounded the transport infrastructure – I’ll personally be amazed if the trains, roads, busses and tubes actually cope with the tourist horde influx. But what about the internet? Experts are warning that with all the video, tweeting and general browsing going on, “an unexpected surge could easily push the system over the edge” killing the internet in London and the surrounding area.