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This Amazing Video Made With Long-Exposure Photos Is Like a Hazy Dream

Does this video remind you of being drunk, dizzy, or in some woozy dream-state? Whatever feeling it conjures, you've definitely never seen animated photos like this before. Read More >>

This Font Was Created Using Light Streaks From an iPhone

This font, called Phone Streak, might not be the most practical typeface in the world, but it was probably the most fun to create — because it was put together by capturing long exposures of an iPhone being swept through the air. Read More >>

Long Exposure Photographs Reveal How Lovers Sleep

I'm such a wild sleeper than sometimes I wake up in the most awkward of positions. Face planted, facing the wrong direction, diagonal, on the completely other side—you name it, I've woken up in it. I was always wanted to know my movement patterns. Photographer Paul Schneggenburger created a photography series that showed long exposure pictures of lovers asleep. You can see who the big spoon is! Read More >>

Can You Find the Hidden Mothers in These Old Photographs?

Back in the olden days of photography, big box cameras had slow-as-snails shutters, so it was nearly impossible to get kids to sit still for the duration of the long exposure. If they moved, the pictures would be blurry! So what was the old photog solution? Why let's have their mothers hide under blankets and blend into the background to comfort the kid! Read More >>

Experience Eric Curry's Completely Surreal "Light Painting" Exhibit

Welcome to the world of "light painting." It begins in darkness, and then over the course of an hour or hours, a photographer illuminates small portions of his or her subject, and combines the images in post to create this. Read More >>


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