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Creating the Amazing Futuristic Cityscapes in Looper

Looper was great — and in this video Atomic Fiction, the special effects studio behind the movie, shows off how it created the stunning cityscapes that feature in the film. Trust us, you'll be amazed at what's real and what was computer generated, the two fit together so well. [Vimeo via Verge] Read More >>

Here's Everything That Was Wrong with Looper

My favourite movies in the world are those that involve time travel. I can't help it, it's my weakness. I also love any movie with Joseph Gordon Levitt. And Bruce Willis. And hell let's just add Piper Perabo because she's just as cute as her name sounds. But I didn't watch Looper. Man I need to get out more. Okay, I'll watch it right after I see everything that's wrong with it, in this 3-minute video. [Cinema Sins] Read More >>

A SAD Lamp Is Your Winter-Blues-Blasting Deal of the Day

We might be in the grip of winter's icy claw (yeah, we know that it's quite mild out there today) but it doesn't have to feel as though we're suffering from the darkness and gloom and misery. Read More >>

You Can Download an In-Theatre Director's Commentary for Looper, If You Hate Movies and Everyone Around You

Do you ever watch DVDs with the commentary on? Probably not that often! But Rian Johnson, director of the movie Looper, is assuming that you do, and that you want to listen to the special one he recorded and posted to Soundcloud the second time you see his movie. The second time you see it in the theatre, that is. Read More >>


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