Man Missing for Two Days After Tube Door Separates Him from Son

In what sounds like an unfortunate rendering of that scene from Sliding Doors, a Romanian tourist has gone missing after being separated from his son for two days when a Tube train shut its doors before he could climb onboard. Read More >>

Nearly 16,000 Mobiles Were Left on London's Trains in 2013

Stats released by security specialist McAfee claim 15,833 mobile phones have been found on London's trains so far in 2013 and handed in to staff. And if 15,833 mobile phones have been handed in, imagine how many more have been lost but not handed in. Read More >>

Reliving Lost on Blu-ray is Your "Polar Bears? WTF?" Deal of the Day

Do you miss trying to figure out what the crap was going on in Lost every week? Did you not see it first time around? Do you half remember something to do with some polar bears having sex with a plane while a man punched numbers into a thing while another bloke spoke in a terrible English accent? Read More >>

Nine Lost Doctor Who Episodes Discovered in Nigeria -- Remastered Versions Now on iTunes

The have-they-haven't-they saga of the BBC and the Doctor Who discovery has been solved today, with the corporation revealing that nine previously lost episodes have been rescued from a station archive in Nigeria. Read More >>

These Dumb Insurance Claims For Lost Phones are Hilarious

We've all misplaced our phone and spent what seems like hours searching for it — but some people take losing handsets to a whole new level. Chances are, you've never lost a phone as impressively as the people that feature in these stories. Read More >>

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Watch an F1 Driver Get Lost Right in the Middle of a Grand Prix

The final race of the F1 season was this weekend just gone in Brazil, and it was an eventful one alright. Rain, crashes, spins, wins, and, err, Kimi Raikkonen getting lost right in the middle of the race. Yep, lost on a closed track. Impressive stuff. Read More >>

A Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 Camera Is Your Perfect-"Summer"-Festival-Shooter Deal of the Day

Summer is here! No, really, it is! Time to get out there and enjoy all of its natural miracles – like trudging through the sleet across waterlogged fields, weeping at the dead animals that have become victims of a skewed ecosystem. Thanks Zeus! Read More >>

A Studio Backdrop and Lighting Kit Is Your "I'm a Real Photographer Now" Deal of the Day

Are you an amateur photographer? Would you like people to think that you’re a professional photographer instead? Swear to us that you’re not going to lure innocent young wannabes into your orbit with promises of a glittering career in ‘modelling’? Good. Read More >>

Lost Boy Uses Google Earth to Find His Way Home After 25 Years

In 1987, five year old Sanroo Brierly and his brother boarded a train that was supposed to take them home after a long day of begging on the streets of India. But the boys fell asleep, the train rolled on, and hours later they were deposited clear across the country. Read More >>

Nearly All Lost Smartphone Finders Will Snoop Through It, Only Half Might Return It

Well, so much for relying on the kindness of strangers. Symantec studied the reactions of average people who found a lost cell phone in public. The results are less than what you'd call "upstanding." Read More >>

A Year's Data For Just £10 on Your PS Vita Is Your Sneaky-Fiddler Deal of the Day

Okay, so you’ve been out and bought your PS Vita and now you’re wondering how you can get access to cheap data, right? Look, just pretend you are, okay? Humour us for crying out loud. Read More >>

10-Year-Old Kid Got Lost Inside a Computer -- For Real

TNW has a great little anecdote today: a 10-year-old kid got lost inside a computer in the 1950s. That was the time when computers less powerful than your current phone were bigger than most homes. This is his story. Read More >>

Use Your Phone to Find Your Stuff to Find Your Phone to Find ... *Black Hole*

I lose things a lot. Like, constantly. Bikn lets you use the things you haven't lost to find the things that have gone missing. And if you lose everything, it's got you covered too. Read More >>

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Is Your Manly Lara Croft Deal of the Day

When your correspondent was a little boy, he used to love pretending to be Batman. This involved taking all his clothes off, locking himself in the bathroom and drawing swastikas all over his naked body. Read More >>


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