Steak Laced With LSD Hospitalises Family

A family of four had to be taken to hospital after eating some steak bought from a US supermarket chain. It soon emerged that the meat had been laced with LSD by someone somewhere in the supply chain. For a laugh. Read More >>

Drugs Are Funny (When it Happens to Someone Else, Like Ben Fogle)

Clean-living outdoor adventurer hunk Ben Fogle claims he was the victim of a drink-spiking attack, with something akin to an unscheduled LSD trip triggering a psychotic fit and making him try to jump out of his home's windows. Read More >>

Watch Britain Test LSD On Soldiers Way Back In 1963

It seems 1960s Britain was very different from today. For some strange reason, the British Army thought it'd be a great idea to see what LSD did to its troops, and filmed the whole thing for you to laugh at 49 years' later. Read More >>

steve jobs
Steve Jobs’s Pentagon File: Blackmail Fears, Youthful Arrest and LSD Cubes

Steve Jobs thought someone might kidnap his daughter in order to blackmail him, according to a newly released Department of Defense document that was filled out in the 1980s when Jobs underwent a background check for a Top Secret security clearance. Read More >>

Can LSD Cure Your Addictions?

You might not expect one of the most potent hallucinogens of all time to be useful in the treatment of addiction. But weirdly that's exactly what a new study shows. Read More >>


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