Ring of Thieves Pulls Off Huge Luggage Heist at LAX

You probably don't realise it, but hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of goods pass through airports every day inside of passengers' baggage. Well, a ring of baggage handlers at LAX certainly realised it. Police say they've been stealing thousands of pounds worth of goods right out of people's suitcases for months. Read More >>

This Smart Airbus Case Could Mean You Never Lose Your Luggage Again

This concept case by Airbus, which pairs up directly with your iPhone, could mean you never lose your bag again. Read More >>

Travel Cheap With a Trunk That Transforms Into Its Own Hotel Room

If you're looking to explore the world on the cheap but the thought of sharing a hostel room with strangers creeps you out, designers Roberto De Luca and Antonio Scarponi have got you covered. The pair's Hotello is a rolling trunk that transforms into a 43-square-foot hotel room complete with a bed, a desk, a lamp, a shelf, a locker, and even a privacy curtain. Read More >>

Pre-Damaged Luggage Makes a Baggage Handler's Job So Much Easier

The staff at your local airport responsible for getting your bags onto a plane in a timely manner are particularly skilled at damaging and destroying even the most rugged of suitcases. So why not beat them to the punch with pre-distressed luggage that looks like it's already been through countless flights—at least two. Read More >>


Once a mere twinkle in an ambulophobe's eye, the Micro Scooter Luggage (developed in collaboration with Samsonite) can finally be all yours for the low price of... £250. Read More >>

If Bond Were a Boy Scout, This Tumi Mixology Set Would Be His Backpack

Possible scenarios where you'd need a traveling mixology set: Either you're a highly sought-after traveling bartender, you're a filthy rich jetsetter with a drinking problem, or you just appreciate how slick this Tumi set is. Read More >>

Why Oh Why Does the Skootcase Only Exist For Kids?

The next time you're at the airport, racing to your gate could feel like a casual drive through the Italian countryside if you trade in your luggage for this wonderful Skootercase. Except that it's heartbreakingly only designed and sized for toddlers. Read More >>

This £4,000 Bullet-Proof Attaché Will Keep Your Documents Way Safer Than They Probably Need To Be

Say you've got some really important documents—like the meaning of life scrawled on a napkin, or a viable method of time travel in the margins of a newspaper—and someone really wants to shoot them for some reason, like a bunch of times, with a gun. You better hope they're in the Tegra-Lite Bulletproof Attaché. Read More >>

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R2D2 Luggage Would Be Way Cooler If It Automatically Followed You Around

Since no one here on earth currently has the need for an astromech droid capable of light spaceship repairs, re-purposing R2D2 as an autonomous suitcase is a brilliant idea. So it's kind of disappointing that this rolling artoo luggage has to be manually dragged along. Read More >>

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Built-In Suitcase Blanket Gives You a Clean Place to Sit in Airports or Anywhere

It seems most airports are designed so that the randomly scattered power outlets are located as far from the gate seats as possible. So while California College of Arts student Daye Kim's actually designed the Whaletale suitcase mat for parents wrangling kids while traveling, it also seems incredibly handy for anyone dealing with an overcrowded airport. Read More >>

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How to Efficiently Pack Your Suitcase So You Don't Arrive With a Crumpled Mess

It might be an ad for an over-priced line of fashionable clothing and accessories, but Louis Vuitton's The Art of Packing website is still chock full of excellent tips and tutorials on how to properly fold your clothes and pack a variety of suitcases. Read More >>

This Suitcase's Shock-Absorbing Wheels Can Traverse the Roughest Terrain

Whether you're dragging your suitcase through the corridors at Heathrow, or across Alaska's frozen tundra, this custom-built carry-on can tackle any terrain with specially designed flexible shock-absorbing wheels. And that machined aluminium exo-skeleton frame looks pretty bad-ass too. Read More >>

The Ultimate in Travel Luggage is an Autonomous Robot Suitcase

You love travelling, but lugging that beast-of-a-suitcase behind you as you attempt to saunter through the airport is really cramping your style. Fear not; Master hacker and Element14 member, Ben Heck, has the solution – an autonomous robot suitcase that’ll simply follow you wherever you go. Read More >>

There's No Such Thing As Too Many Handles on a Suitcase

Unless you travel with just the clothes on your back, or have enough kids in tow to do the work for you, you'll probably be awkwardly wrangling a heavy suitcase in and out of taxis and through airport checkpoints. Read More >>


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