UK Spies Messed About Launching DDoS Attacks on Anonymous and Lulzsec Members

New revelations from Edward Snowden's massive pile of governmental shame reveals that GCHQ experimented with DDoS attacks as a way of keeping online activists in check, turning the favoured internet weapon of the underground masses against some of the usual suspects. Read More >>

Sabu Won't Go to Prison Yet Because He's Still Snitching

Sabu, probably the most notorious public face of hacking from this young, stupid century, still isn't headed to prison. He hasn't even been sentenced yet—because he's still helping the FBI bust his friends. Read More >>

LulzSec's Topiary Talks About Life After Hacking, Says He Feels More Fulfilled Without Internet

Jake Davis—perhaps better known as Topiary, mastermind behind crazy Internet assaults during the summer of 2011—is out on bail with one obvious condition: no Internet. Now, 12 months after his heyday, he's decided to reflect on his experience, and his new Internet-free life, and wrote about it in the Guardian. Read More >>

Second Accused LulzSec Hacker Surrenders to Authorities

20-year-old Raynaldo Rivera of Tempe, Arizona, surrendered to authorities today, less than a week after a federal grand jury in Los Angeles brought an indictment against him on charges of an extensive computer breach involving Sony Pictures Entertainment, which ultimately cost the company over $600k. Read More >>

Sabu Is Still Working for the FBI

It's been almost half a year since LulzSec mastermind Hector "Sabu" Monsegur turned on his people in one of the most dramatic turns of hacking history. And in order to get another half away from a judge, he's still snitching. Read More >>

Two UK Teenagers Plead Guilty to Being Part of Lulzsec Hacker Team

19-year-old Ryan Cleary and 18-year-old Jake Davis have admitted to being the surprisingly youthful representatives of Lulzsec in the UK, taking responsibility for hacking/attacking the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) site and many others during 2011. Read More >>

British LulzSec Hacker Cuffed For US Hack Attack

After the fall of the original LulzSec crew, 20-year-old Ryan Cleary was arrested for crimes he committed in the UK; he was apparently our very own LulzSec representative this side of the pond. Now he's been charged in the US too, and faces 25 years in jail for hacking the American X-Factor. Read More >>

LulzSec's Back From the Dead to Hack 10,000 Twitter Logins

It looks like LulzSec is back, or at least someone claiming to be the hacking collective "reborn" is, and it's attacking Twitter. It's just released 10,000 Twitter user names, passwords, real names, and a whole bunch of location data. Read More >>

Anonymous' Massive Data Leaks Are Being Erased Off the Internet

After every online strike by Anonymous and LulzSec — back when they did that sort of thing — it was inevitable that the leaked goods would wind up on Pastebin, the web's vandalised bathroom stall. Now, the company wants out of the game. Read More >>

LulzSec Claims Zombie Comeback with Military Dating Site Hack

LulzSec is dead—everyone in it was betrayed and arrested. But that's still one hell of a brand name, and one enterprising group isn't letting it go to waste: 170,000+ dating profiles just got leaked in the name of LulzSec Reborn. Read More >>

Was the AntiSec Hacking Spree an FBI Front All Along?

Cops. Defense contractors. The FTC. Military attorneys. FBI conference calls. Some of the most striking hack-attacks of the past year were executed under the middle finger banner of #AntiSec. But what if this "movement" was a gigantic trap all along? Read More >>

LulzSec Traitor Sabu Was Also a Loud Horrible Neighbour

LulzSec/Anonymous mastermind Hector "Sabu" Monsegur pissed off a lot of people this week after selling out his entire team to the FBI. But there's one more person who hated his guts: the downstairs neighbour who filed a complaint with the city of New York. So just how bad a neighbour was he? Read More >>

Anonymous Posts Open Letter to Sabu on Hacked Website

Yesterday it was reported that Sabu had turned against his hacker community by working with the FBI. As a result, six key members of LulzSec have been arrested. In response, Anonymous has posted an open letter to Sabu on a website it hacked. Read More >>

Who Is Sabu?

Yesterday, Sabu was a ghost—the spirit of Anonymous, having guided the group through its most powerful and infamous hacks. Now he's Hector Monsegnur, a 28-year-old unemployed guy from the New York projects—and a snitch. Read More >>

Anonymous Reacts to Sabu's Betrayal of LulzSec

We know the FBI pressured LulzSec leader Sabu into giving up vital info one some of the most active hackers in his collective. But how does Anonymous feel after this most recent, and hugely significant, turn of events? Read More >>

Read the Full LulzSec Indictments Right Here

In what's looking more and more like LulzSec's Waterloo, six top-ranking members of the notorious hacking collective were arrested today. Here, in their entirety, are their full indictments. It's a fed's-eye view of the organisation that wreaked unfettered havoc for months last year. Read More >>


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