Nokia's Lumia 1020 Squeezes a Pro-Grade Camera Into a Smartphone, Into Your Pocket

Laptop, tablet, eReader, charger, battery pack -- your bag is full enough before you even start thinking about cramming a dedicated camera in there too. But these days, you don't need to have a hulking DSLR with you to capture that epic view or blistering down-the-front gig moment. All you need is a Nokia Lumia 1020. Read More >>

Nokia X and Nokia Store Hands-On: It's Android Guys, But Not as You Know It

The rumours were true. As if there was ever any doubt, Nokia now has a range of entry-level Android smartphones. The 4-inch Nokia X and Nokia X+ handsets are aimed at emerging markets, and feel quite different to any other Android handsets on the market. Read More >>

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Nokia Lumias are Getting BBM

Nokia Lumia devices will now get access to BlackBerry's BBM app, hitting the Windows Phone platform. Rioters will now be able to organise their looting raids with the Finnish company's colourful phones. Read More >>

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Nokia Has an 8.3-Inch 1080p Tablet in the Works

Nokia would appear to be pushing on with development of an 8.3-inch version of the larger Lumia 2520, with spec sheets suggesting an eight-incher with a 1080p display is currently being tested by the company's engineers. Read More >>

Lumia 2520 Review: Not Much More Than a Pretty Face

Up until now, pretty much your only option for a Windows RT tablet was the Surface 2. But now Nokia is giving you another choice, in the form of the Lumia 2520, a colourful line of tablets that look even larger versions of its rainbow phones. Read More >>

Happy Birthday, Lumia: Don't Stop Being Awesome

Two years ago tomorrow the very first Nokia Lumia smartphones, the product of a frantic 8-month turnaround, went on sale to the general public. Although the Lumia range is now in a completely different place to just 24 months ago -- heck, owned by different people -- it's more important than ever for Lumia to keep being awesome. Read More >>

Rumour: Nokia is Readying an 8-Inch Lumia Tablet for 2014

Two independent sources— Evleaks and Verge—are reporting that Nokia is in the process of preparing a second, smaller Windows-based Lumia tablet, which might be available next year. Read More >>

Report: This Is the Best Look at Nokia's Supercharged Lumia 929 Yet

We've been hearing reports that Nokia will add the Lumia 929—a 5-inch 1080p device—to its growing fleet of phones with big screens sometime soon. Now Windows Phone Central has gotten its hands on images, which, if real, give us the best look at the phone so far. Read More >>

Windows Phone Finally Gets Instagram (And a Bunch More Apps)

Instagram is finally officially coming to Windows Phone via Nokia Lumias, Nokia just announced at Nokia World. Yes, you can finally stop using that silly Hipstamatic workaround. Read More >>

Nokia Leaks Details of Its First Oversized Lumia Handset

With Windows Phone 8 now geared up for larger displays, you can expect to start seeing correspondingly large handsets. Like, for instance, the much-rumoured Lumia 1520—which Nokia has now leaked details of. Read More >>

Camera-Shy Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet Gets Papped

Nokia's will-they-won't-they relationship with the tablet form factor looks to finally be coming to an end, with the Finnish company getting a big old "THEY WILL" badge, if news of the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet is to be believed. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 1520 Delayed Until Late October?

That giant 6-inch Lumia 1520 that was targeted to launch this month is supposedly being delayed until late October because of the Microsoft and Nokia deal. That is, if we see it at all. Read More >>

Nokia Was Testing Android Lumia Phones Before Microsoft Swallowed It

It'll never happen now but the dream of beautifully brawny Nokia hardware loaded with dominating Android software was an idea that Nokia had been toying around with before Microsoft swooped in and bought Nokia's phone business. In fact, Android powered Lumia phones actually existed inside Nokia. You heard it right, ANDROID LUMIA PHONES. Read More >>

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Did This Random Craigslist Phone Just Spill the Beans on WP8 Updates?

Want the latest software updates for your phone? You can just wait like a pleb, or you can go buy handsets on Craigslist and hope to get lucky. Apparently Windows Phone Central user xs2k did the latter when he just happened to buy a phone with the latest, unreleased Windows Phone 8 OS on it. Read More >>

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Here's the Gigantic Nokia Windows Phone We Might Never See

There's a new leaked image of Lumia's gigantic phone-tablet, the Lumia 1520, from @evleaks, a historically reliable source for advance shots of phones. It looks pretty nice—if it ever comes out. Read More >>

Rumoured 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520 "Phablet" Photographed

That huge great thing to the right there is alleged to be the Nokia Lumia 1520, the phone company's first go at entering the monster phone/tablet hybrid space. Read More >>


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