Bored Cats Find Sense of Purpose in Personalised Cat Playgrounds

High-end, customisable architecture and design has been on the rise for several years, but it's starting to grow stale. The new trend lies in foregoing personal comfort altogether and extending that luxury to your cat. Read More >>

Waitrose is Getting Even Posher with Instore Wine Tasting and Concierge Services

Waitrose is on a mission, a "very British" mission, to bring more luxurious convenience to their stores. It's a bid to stave off the competition from the growing popularity of value-led German supermarket chains Aldi and Lidl. Read More >>

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X-Rays Of Luxury Products Reveal the Tech Behind the Glitz

Every once in awhile I have to get dressed up for a wedding or something. It's kind of fun, but it always reminds me that I'm just not fancy on the inside. No matter how decked out I am, I'm still a jeans and t-shirt person deep down. But hopefully that's not true of luxury tech products that people spend a lot of money on. They should be just as shiny and fabulous on the inside. Right? LuxInside is trying to expose what's really going on inside the fanciest purchases. Read More >>

The Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in the World's Most Expensive Cities

In July, Mercer published its current list of the most expensive cities in the world. Curious about the cost of living for expats, we created a collection of the priciest flats and rentals in these cities. But what about hotels? How much will one night in the world's most expensive towns set you back? Read More >>

Inside the Celestial Workshop That Makes the World's Fastest Yachts

Very few people have ever stepped foot on a boat made by yacht design studio Wally — builder of the fastest yachts on the planet — and even fewer have stepped foot inside their loud, hot workshop in Monte Carlo. British photographer Benedict Redgrove is one of them. Here's what a £22 million yacht looks like before the paint job and leather. Read More >>

This Watch Accurately Tracks Moon Phases For 122 Years

Everyone wants to be the centre of the universe, but solipsism doesn't always mesh well with that whole socialising/respecting other people thing. So keep the truth to yourself and just look at your Arnold & Son's watch whenever you want to commune with the sky above. Read More >>

What Could Be Cooler Than a Luxury Watch Made From Dead AK-47s?

Smart watches fart watches. Why would you want to have your email on your wrist when you could have an impossibly badass — and doubtless expensive — analogue sucker made of reclaimed AK-47 steel wrapped around your arm. Read More >>

McLellan Jacobs Kayak 1: A Luxury Yacht For One

Globetrotting millionaires can breathe a sigh of relief because now, when they abandon the comforts of their monstrous yachts for a kayaking day trip, they don't have to leave the luxury or opulence behind. A company called McLellan Jacobs has crafted the Kayak 1, an over-the-top carbon fibre craft finished with teak, ash, and gold-plated brass fillings. Read More >>

The Tiny Music Box On This Watch Plays Sinatra At the Top Of Every Hour

In an effort to further differentiate their high-end products, luxury watchmakers are continuing to move farther away from precious metals and jewels, and focusing more on wacky novelty features. So instead of just chiming at the top of every hour, Ulysse Nardin's Stranger watch plays Frank Sinatra's 1966 hit Strangers In the Night on a tiny spinning music box. Read More >>

Romain Jerome's Spacecraft Watch Looks Like It's From Another Galaxy

Taking a page from Tokyo Flash's bewildering design playbook, Romain Jerome's latest watch—the Spacecraft—takes an unconventional approach to displaying the time. But thankfully it's not as difficult as deciphering the array of dials and switches on a NASA-designed craft. Read More >>

Watch Made From Mount Everest Rock Is Still Cheaper Than Climbing It Yourself

You might scoff at spending almost fifteen grand on a relatively boring watch that's crafted from a chunk of rock brought down from Everest's summit. But when you consider an expedition up the world's tallest mountain can cost as much as £50,000, this timepiece actually becomes a slightly more affordable way to visit the top of the world. Kind of. Read More >>

Is This Inductive Stand Worth Twice What an iPad Costs?

The convenience of being able to charge a device without having to hunt down a power cord is certainly appealing. But convenience isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you gaze upon Strut's new LaunchPort iPad charging system. Read More >>

If You Need a Dedicated Watch Safe, You Probably Won't Mind This One's £56,000 Price Tag

Designed to complement the design of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's famous Barcelona chair, Döttling's new Liberty Barcelona Watch Safe is targeted at those who can afford the finer things in life. Like £3,000 chairs, and £56,000 safes designed to only hold timepieces. Read More >>

Watches Crafted from 10,000 Year Old Wooly Mammoth Ivory Will Make Your Savings Extinct

If you thought it was hard to get your hands on ivory from animals that still roam the earth, you can imagine the difficulty in sourcing the material from creatures that died thousands of years ago. And why these unique mammoth watches cost upwards of £30,000. Read More >>

These Solar-Powered, Floating Island Homes Are a Millionaire's Private Paradise

Start saving yesterday, because as soon as these Orsos luxury island yacht estates become available in 2013, you're not going to want to wait to sail off on your own private paradise. Read More >>

Custom Popeye Rolex Is £21,000 and Worth Every Penny

If the cheap cartoon-themed watch you've been wearing since high school is drawing disapproving stares at the office, this collaboration between Dr. Romanelli and Bamford Watch Department provides a stylish alternative that still embraces just a touch of whimsy. Read More >>


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