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The Apple TV Has Just Taken One Massive Step Towards Becoming a Mini Mac Under Your TV

There's no doubt the Apple TV is an "intense area of interest" for Cupertino, Tim Cook said so himself. In fact, the Apple TV could be the future of Apple right there in that tiny little puck. With iOS 6.1, the plucky mini black box just took a massive step forward: you can now hook up a keyboard to it. Are apps and Safari next? Read More >>

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Mac Mini Review: Apple's Tiny Computer Is Finally Worth Your Time

The Mac Mini has always been that runt you might buy if you couldn't afford any other Apple computer. Which is to say: it was the Apple computer you bought when you should've picked up a budget Dell or something. No longer. The 2012 model is a fantastic, affordable, and small. Read More >>

Why Is Apple Losing Its Touch?

What happened to "it just works"? Apple used to be the king of simplicity. With products you could buy, update, and use without any real technical knowledge. Recently, Apple seems to be losing it, with bricking updates, pulled software, and delayed 'special builds' that don't make it out in time. This isn't the Apple we're used to. Read More >>

Holy Sh*t, Apple's Fusion Drive Is Quick

When Apple announced Fusion Drive, we expected it to be quick. But TLDToday has performed some speed tests, comparing a new Mac mini to its predecessor, and the results are pretty amazing. Read More >>

New Mac Mini Torn Down and Benchmarked: Ivy Bridge Kicks Ass

The folks at Mac Mini Vault have benchmarked and torn down the new Mac Minis. The Mac Mini's £499, 2.5GHz Core i5 Ivy Bridge configuration racked up a Geekbench score of 7433 straight out of the box. That's impressive considering last year's Sandy Bridge i5 Mac Mini refresh has a standing average of 6323 on the Geekbench. Read More >>

The New, Speedier, Ivy Bridge Mac Minis Are Here

A new tiny iPad isn't the only little-big news out of today's Apple extravaganza. Here's a the brand new set of upgraded Mac Minis that'll be delivering that Apple love at sub-£500 prices — Now with upgraded Intel Ivy Bridge processors. They're available for purchase now. Read More >>

Updated Mac Mini Added to Apple's Rumoured Mammoth October 23rd Range Refresh

A new version of Apple's cute little Mac box is also on the cards for its imminent hardware refresh, meaning pretty much every Mac laptop and desktop, as well that iPad mini, ought to be seeing a new release of some sort at the end of the month. Read More >>

What Apple Didn't Announce Yesterday—And Why It Matters

Apple dropped a lot of shiny new products and some gorgeous software to drool over at yesterday's action-packed WWDC keynote. Among them, a beautiful new retina display MacBook Pro, refreshed MacBook Airs, Mountain Lion OS X, and iOS 6, along with a few other goodies that didn't necessarily warrant an explicit mention. For the most part, we're thrilled about what we saw. Read More >>


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