Is this Mix Between the Mac Pro and the iMac Awesome or Just Crazy

This is the iPro, a mix between the iMac and the Mac Pro. It has a 35-inch (88.9cm) display and touch controls to make the screen lean. The concept is by Swiss designer Kurt Merki Jr. Madness or genius? You decide. Read More >>

Mac Pro Teardown: An Apple Rig You Can Actually Tinker With

It looks like a waste paper bin, costs a fortune and is, perhaps, the best workstation you've ever owned. But what lurks beneath that shiny black shell? Read More >>

A Fully-Pimped Mac Pro Costs £11,689

Chump change, huh? But what's inside the priciest bit of kit currently in Apple's stores? Read More >>

Final Cut Pro Gets Massive Update to Test Your New Mac Pro's Abilities

Just in time for the new Mac Pro going on sale, Final Cut Pro has gotten a big update, with improved support for 4K. Read More >>

The New Mac Pro Finally Goes on Sale Tomorrow

It's sleek, black, looks a little bit like your waste paper bin, and could just be your ultimate workstation. The Mac Pro is an amazing piece of hardware and, finally, it goes on sale tomorrow. Read More >>

Apple's Bin-Shaped Mac Pro Could Land in Time For Christmas

Apple's sleek new 9.9-inch tall computer/waste-paper bin, 2013's Mac Pro, stole the show at this years WWDC back in June, but we were warned the wait for its release could be a lengthy one. So we waited. And waited. And while we're STILL waiting for an official release date from Apple, a German retailer may have got the jump on Apple's next big announcement. Read More >>

Jony Ive's (RED) Charity Edition Mac Pro Expected to Sell for £35k

Web design business doing well? Want to give a little back? Perhaps buying the actually red (RED) Mac Pro might be a nice idea, with its guide value of around £35k all going toward AIDS, TB and malaria charities. The red Mac Pro appears as part of Jony (IVE) and Marc's (RED) Auction, taking place at Sotheby's this November. [Sotheby's via Guardian] Read More >>

Yesterday's Apple iPad Event in 12 GIFs

Yesterday, Apple presented to the world its new iPad Air and iPad mini, along with details about OS X Mavericks, updated MacBook Pros, and the Mac Pro. But why waste breath talking about all that when we can just enjoy it in a series endless loops instead? Read More >>

Apple's Mac Pro Workhorse Is Available in December From £2,499

The Mac Pro lives, as promised back in June at WWDC. You remember the one. The rubbish bin. The Darth Vader computer. Now we know more details, such as the Intel Xeon E5 innards will come in up to 12 cores options. Read More >>

Yep, the New Mac Pro Is Going to Be Screaming

A lot has been said about Apple and its Pro line of machines, and whether it doesn't really care about all the professionals that actually use them day-in, day-out. In fact, it's pretty obvious Apple's changing the definition of what "Pro" means for itself. Thankfully though, the guts inside the bin new Mac Pro are going to be scorchingly fast. Read More >>

This Awesome Glass Mac Pro Is All I Want

I love the Mac Pro. I love its simplicity and its ingenious engineering. And I would like it even more if it were encapsulated in glass, like in these 3D renderings created by our friend Martin Hajek, who painstakingly modelled its guts following Apple's transparent prototype displayed at WWDC 2013. Read More >>

New Mac Pro Racks Look More Like Missile Batteries

The new Mac Pro's bin-like design is certainly a departure from your usual power desktop towers, which means you need a new kind of rack to host the suckers. Thing is, it makes them look more like a rack of rockets ready to be fired at hackers than a server farm. Read More >>

The Mac Pro Recaptures the Spirit of Classic Workstations of Yore

Early computers were bland beige boxes—meant to blend in with whatever workspace they were placed on. But during the golden age of the super-powerful workstation, designers got wild with form factors and materials that oozed with confidence and no small amount of sass. In some ways, the new Mac Pro returns to that era—and here’s a speculative rendering to prove it. Read More >>

Yes, the New Mac Pro Is Going to Be Faster Than the Old One

Shock horror: the first supposed benchmarks from the new Apple Bin Mac Pro are out and it's quicker all round than the previous generation. It's also packing a bespoke build of OS X 10.9 Mavericks and a spec sheet to utterly drool over. Read More >>

Spot The Difference: Mac Pro vs a Rubbish Bin

Since Apple unveiled the teeny-weenie new Mac Pro the other evening, we've heard nothing but jokes about how it's a rubbish bin, or ashtray, or a weirdly shaped UFO. That confusion has spread to Japan, though, where a suspiciously lookalike rubbish bin has soared no No 2 on the Amazon bestseller list. Read More >>

Apple Is Making Badass New Mac Pros

Today during the WWDC keynote, we got our first look at what Apple is thinking in terms of the future of Mac Pros. Not dead. Here comes a new freaking generation and we couldn't be more excited. Read More >>


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