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Woz Delivering Your Mac is Like Having Edison Deliver a Lightbulb

Steve Wozniak just sent over this fun stunt caught on video a few years ago: watch him deliver a Mac to Emma, a girl who freaks out when she realises her idol is at the door carrying her new computer. As Emma's father says in the video: "This is like having your lightbulbs delivered by Thomas Edison". Read More >>

More Robot Drummers and MP3 Exports Now Available for Your Next Mac GarageBand Opus

The Mac version of accessible music studio software GarageBand has just received an update, popping a trio of new virtual drummers and and new export options into the iLife application. Read More >>

Microsoft OneNote is Free on the Mac App Store

Mac Users can hop over to the App Store today and download a free copy of Microsoft OneNote. Read More >>

Apple is Probably Going to Run a Sequel to its "1984" Ad During the Super Bowl

30 years ago, the Los Angeles Raiders were slaughtering the Washington Redskins at halftime in SuperBowl XVIII, when America was stopped in it's tracks by a gal with an Brigitte Nielsen haircut and a hammer, running towards the screen. Read More >>

A Day in the Life of an Apple Store Creative

I didn't know this until I went to work for Apple Retail, but their credo is "Enriching Lives." I never had a job with a philosophy attached to it. I know the Marines have one. It's Semper Fi. If you see that on a bumper sticker, it's Latin for, "Mess with this car, and you're dog meat." Read More >>

Apple Increased Mac Sales for the First Time Since 2012

For the first time in two years, Apple has seen an increase in sales of its Mac computers. Not just an increase; a nearly 20 per cent jump over a year ago. That's...kind of nuts? Read More >>

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Watch Steve Jobs Show Off the Mac in Footage Unseen Since 1984

Thirty years ago the landscape of personal computing was vastly different. That is to say, it hardly existed. Footage of the Mac's initial unveil is out there, but this second, more polished run—a presentation for the Boston Computer Society—hasn't been available since the event itself back on January 30th 1984. Read More >>

Apple: Merging Mac OS X and iOS Would be "A Waste of Energy"

As Apple's focus in recent years has shifted from desktop interests to mobile ones, there has been much speculation over a potential merging of the OS X and iOS platforms. Heck, OS X Mavericks seemed to take most of its best ideas from the mobile operating system. But, on the 30th birthday of the Macintosh, Apple has moved to quash rumours of an eventual merger of the two. Read More >>

Macintosh 128K Teardown: A Time Capsule With Keyboard and Mouse

The Mac turns 30 today, and what better way to celebrate than with a good ol' fashioned autopsy. iFixit proves that can be a lot more fun than it sounds with its classic 128K Macintosh teardown, a beautifully gory history lesson. Read More >>

iOS in Your Car Could Look Pretty Slick

One of the big revelations from the iOS 7 debut was that Apple's working on an in-car version of the mobile operating system. Now app developer Steve Troughton-Smith has tweeted some images of what iOS could, and should, look like when it hits your dashboard. Read More >>

20 Must-Have Mac OS X Utilities

Each year I round-up my top list of applications and utilities I used the most throughout the year. Without further introduction, here are all the utilities that have been especially useful in enhancing my productivity during 2013. Read More >>

The New Mac Pro Finally Goes on Sale Tomorrow

It's sleek, black, looks a little bit like your waste paper bin, and could just be your ultimate workstation. The Mac Pro is an amazing piece of hardware and, finally, it goes on sale tomorrow. Read More >>

There's an Apple Bitcoin Prank That's Hilarious and Devastating

General piece of advice: don't go around typing stuff into your computer's terminal window based on some pictures you found randomly floating on the internet. You're not very likely to unlock a hidden bitcoin miner in your Mac, and far more likely to brick the thing instead. Read More >>

You Can Now Download the Apple II's DOS Source Code from Back in 1978

The Computer History Museum has released something rather special for you to download: the original DOS source code for the 1978 Apple II. Read More >>

Knock for iPhone Is the Most Fun You'll Ever Have Unlocking Your Mac

Passwords are obnoxious, but until desktops start coming with a fingerprint/retina/any other type of body part scanner, they're stuck dealing with the passcode security of yesteryear—or so it would seem. The new Knock app for iPhone, though, takes a more fun approach. Read More >>

Does Switching Between Two Different Gadgets Mess You Up?

My kitchen table looks like some kind of laptop turf war right now. On the left, my beloved beater ThinkPad. On the right, a borrowed MacBook. I've been using both all day. It's driving me crazy. Read More >>


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