Hackers Can Use the Labels on Your Snail Mail to Mess You Up Online

Think hacking starts and ends online? Think again. Forbes took a look at the damage an identity thief can do using just the address label on the magazines you subscribe to, and the answer ain't pretty. Read More >>

Which Magazines Do You Still Subscribe To?

The internet has all but replaced traditional print media as many people's primary news source, with newspapers and magazines across the country either scrambling to adapt or risk being crushed by the wheels of technological advancement. Read More >>

This Kiosk Prints Magazines and Newspapers As They're Purchased

The kiosk has access to a remote server where publishers upload the latest editions of their periodicals, and using a touchscreen interface customers can browse more than 200 different magazines, newspapers, or journals. When they come across an issue they want to buy, a simple credit card transaction results in a high quality, freshly printed copy courtesy of a high speed Ricoh printer on the inside. The first machine has officially been installed in Stockholm, Sweden. Read More >>

Loaded Publisher: Put Crap Food in Modesty Bags to Protect Kids

The publisher of Loaded magazine, one of the lads' mags threatened with the boot by supermarket chain Co-op, has come up with a superb response to the suggestion magazines be censored to protect our children; take it one step further and hide sweets, crisps, cakes and chocolate from them inside blank wrappers as well. Makes sense. Read More >>

Yahoo Internet Life Magazine Is an Awesome Relic of the Dot Com Era

From 1995-2002, Yahoo's glossy was published by Ziff Davis, which licensed the Yahoo name. The mag featured regular columns from Roger Ebert, and get this — critical reviews of not just gadgets but also websites. Just look at some of the covers. With hallmark names and phrases of the 90s like Monica Lewinsky, Senifeld, e-mail, and web cam revolution, it's an incredible picture of the early years of the internet as a democratic concept. Hey, maybe if Yahoo was cool in the 90s, it can be cool again 20 years later. [BuzzFeed] Read More >>

3d printing
Dezeen's Got One of the First Print-on-Demand Magazines

Dezeen, one of our favourite go-to design and architecture sites, has created the first print-on-demand magazine, in conjunction with Blurb, all about 3D printing. It's advert-free too, which makes a nice change, so if you're at all interested in 3D printing and design, it might be worth a gander. [Dezeen's Print Shift] Read More >>

Google Play Magazines Are Now Officially Official in the UK

The Nexus 7 just got a little bit more awesome, thanks to Google Play. In the battle for the budget tablet, content is king, and we can now officially buy magazines from Google Play in the UK. After being teased yesterday, everything's officially official now. Take that Kindle Fire and Nook HD. Read More >>

Google UK (Sort of) Launches Magazine Sales on Google Play

Users idly browsing Google's Android Play app this morning saw a link to digital version of T3 magazine listed on the front page, with links inside its listing letting mag buyers view a decent list of other UK magazines. But you can't buy them yet. Read More >>

This Brilliant, Punchable Car Ad Comes With a Tiny Working Airbag

As printed media becomes more and more irrelevant, advertisers have had to devise clever ways to grab a magazine reader's attention. And to promote the safety features of its vehicles, Peugeot ran this brilliant ad that simulates what would happen in a head-on collision. Read More >>

Wine Simplified Is an iOS App That'll Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Wine

As you grow a little bit older and stop taking as many tequila shots on a random Tuesday night, you'll inevitably venture into the pinky raised world of drinking wine. It's scary! It's intimidating! It's snooty! But it doesn't have to be, you can learn everything you need to know about wine with an iOS book called Wine Simplified. Read More >>

Clever Coke Ad Turns Any Magazine Into a Speaker Dock

iPhone users in Brazil who also subscribe to a magazine called Capricho recently got an extra bonus in one issue. But it wasn't a promo code for a free iTunes track or anything like that. No, it was a special printed cover that turned the rolled up magazine into a passive amplifying speaker for their phone. Read More >>

Desperate Dan Leaves the Physical Plane as Dandy Goes Digital

The tatty magazine rack in your local WHSmith is about to lose one of its longest-serving titles, with publisher DC Thompson chopping the print version of the Dandy in favour of an all-new entirely digital copy of the comic that'll appear online instead. Read More >>

The UK's Getting Screwed Out of Google's Nexus 7 Magazines, Music and TV Shows

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the UK isn't going to get every wonderful thing Google showed off with its new Nexus 7 tablet. The UK simply won't get Google Play's fancy new library of magazines, music and TV shows. Read More >>

Smell What it's Like Outside With 'Scratch & Sniff' Gardeners' World Magazine

The next issue of Gardners' World Magazine will give housebound vegetation fans the chance to get a real whiff of the outdoors, thanks to featuring an equally horrifying and interesting "Scratch & Sniff" front cover, plus a mystery smell inside. Read More >>

The Most Beautiful Online Magazine We've Ever Seen

Edits is a magazine about photography. There are a million magazines about photography—the world doesn't need anymore. But the world needs every magazine that gives a damn about technology to ripoff Edits. It's stunningly beautiful. Read More >>

Google Currents Might Be the Coolest Thing Google Has Ever Made (Even If It's Not Available Here)

If you need a reminder that Google can still make cool stuff, check out their latest app for iOS and Android: Google Currents. It's pretty much a Flipboard clone in that the app turns web content (news sources, rss feeds, etc.) into a slick digital magazine with awesome visuals. Read More >>


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