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The World's Fastest Train Will Float on a Cushion of Electromagnetism

Did you think the Eurostar was quick topping out at 118MPH? Sure, that's way faster than taking a Stagecoach, but pathetically pokey compared to the 311MPH bullet of the Mag-Lev train currently being developed by Japan's JR Tokai. Read More >>

In the Future, Maglev Cannons Will Shoot Us Into Space

Today in grandiose space ambitions that would make even Richard Branson balk: a £40 billion, 1,000-mile long, 12-mile high, 20,000-miles-per-hour maglev train that starts on the ground and arrives in low Earth orbit. The minds behind the Startram project think it could reduce the cost per kilo for cargo from roughly £6,500 to just £32. Read More >>


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