Slip Your Special Mail Into These Letter-Holder Bookends

This is a clever use of space right here. These bookends keep your paperbacks in line and your mail in order. All your favourite paper goods, all in one place, tidy and organised. Read More >>

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What if All the Spam Mail You Received was Actually Hilariously True?

You're an internet veteran, you know what's real and what's not. Anything with Western Union automatically raises your eyebrow. An e-mail promising more length and/or hot girls gets trashed without a thought. You're too seasoned for these tricks. But what if all that email spam was actually true? How different would your life look? Would you become a money making, big twig swinging, Nigerian prince relatin' party animal? Oh yes. Read More >>

Mailing Recorded Messages Was Once an Actual Alternative To Long Distance Phone Charges

Sherman, set the wayback machine to ridiculous because back in 1967, Smith-Corona — best known for its typewriters — actually sold a device called the Mail Call. What did it do? Let users record messages on small cartridges and mail them to anyone with a matching device. Read More >>

The Government's Slipped the Ability to Scan Your Postcards and Mail Into Its Draft Super-Snooper Bill

The internet isn't the only thing the government wants to monitor with its back-from-the-dead super snooper bill -- it seems it also wants to scan all your post cards and mail. Apparently it isn't planning to actually enact the law, but it's written there, bold as brass. Read More >>

RIM Adds Dedicated BBM Button to its Cheapo BlackBerry Curve Range

RIM's latest update of its Curve BlackBerry series has all of the usual buttons we've come to expect from the QWERTY classic range, only now there's a specific hotkey for instant access to the company's BBM messaging service. Read More >>

Flickr's Getting a Facelift on February 28th

Flickr has been bleeding users like a hemophiliac since around the time Google+ launched and Yahoo's finally doing something about it. Flickr senior product lead Markus Spiering has hinted that big changes are in store for the photo-sharing site come month's end. Read More >>

ARM Planning OCTO-CORE Mobile Graphics Processor for 2013

British chip company ARM has announced its latest processor evolution, in the form of its Mali-T658 GPU. ARM says this'll provide "desktop-class performance" with "ten times" the power of its 400 series found in the Galaxy S II. Read More >>

BlackBerry Messenger For Android Spotted in Leaked Photos

Our sister site Techradar has acquired some images of what it believes to be a version of BBM running on Android, with the shots showing something familiar-looking and known as "BBM BETA" for Google's mobile OS. Read More >>


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