The Fantastic Alien Worlds of Concept Artist Christian Lorenz Scheurer

Ever wondered who dreams up the otherworldly architecture and cities you see in movies like Thor 2 and Man of Steel? Meet Christian Lorenz Scheurer, the concept artist behind both movies—and many others. Read More >>

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So What Would Happen if Superman Punched You?

If Superman's fist was 300g and he could move at 99% the speed of light, his punch would be cable of punching at an energy 190,000,000,000,000,000 joules. That's quadrillion. That's 45 megatonnes of TNT. That's 2,800 times more powerful than Hiroshima. The temperature of his punch would be 79,999,999,999,726.9 degrees Celsius. Earth has never seen such power. Oh and you'd be completely destroyed at an atomic level. Read More >>

Superman T-Shirt Is Your Not-Quite-a-Cape Deal of the Day

The new Superman movie, Man Of Steel, will be blasted on to the screens of the nation's cinemas but where do you go for your official merchandise? HMV? Debenhams? Amazon? No -- it's Lidl. Read More >>

A Complete Visual History of Superman's Signature 'S'

The premiere of Man of Steel is only a couple of days away, and true to form, the internet has been plastered with everything even mildly related to Krypton's finest. But this infographic—made by the industrious people over at—is definitely one of the greatest things we've seen so far. And we don't even like infographics! Read More >>

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New Man of Steel Trailer: Superman + Explosions = INSANE

When we saw Man of Steel's first trailer, we thought Superman never looked so badass. Now after seeing this longer trailer, well, OH MY GOD. It's everything you want in a superhero movie: origin, self doubt, internal conflict, great looking actors, ridiculous action sequences, and explosively explosions on explosions on explosions. Oh yeah, and a lot of awesome flying. [Man of Steel] Read More >>

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First Full-Length Man of Steel Trailer: Superman's Never Looked So Badass

Finally! Since the first teaser dropped this past July, this is what comic book fans and move buffs have been waiting for. The first full-length trailer for Zach Snyder's re-imagining of Superman, Man of Steel, just went live and it looks pretty good. Read More >>


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