Drunk Man United Fan Dials 999 Asking for Fergie

Greater Manchester Police had to issue a statement via their Facebook page last night advising on the proper time to call 999 after a drunken man phoned the emergency number demanding to speak to Sir Alex Ferguson after Manchester United's defeat to Sunderland. Read More >>

Manchester Shop Worker Threatened at Gunpoint For Refusing £1 Beer Discount

Now, maybe I'm not cut out for this criminal business, but if I was going to run the risk of prison or being shot by police for attempting an armed robbery, I'd probably set my sights a bit higher than one of Manchester's One Stop newsagents. And I certainly wouldn't risk it for a £1 beer discount. Read More >>

3d printing
Manchester Cops Seize 3D Printed Gun in Mass Organised Crime Bust

A possibly dangerous Liberator 3D printed gun has been found by police as part of a larger drugs bust around the country, with Manchester cops finding components that could make a "viable gun" in a house in Baguley.  Read More >>

Pay for Parking With Conkers in Manchester and Leeds

The Merrion Centre and Clarence Dock car parks in Leeds, and 30 Tariff Street in Manchester, are good places to park if you're up there at the moment, thanks to attendants currently on hand to accept payment in conkers. One conker = 20p is the current exchange rate this week. Read More >>

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Holy Crap It's Good This Airplane Wasn't Flying When Its Jet Exploded

Yesterday this Airbus A330 was zipping down the runway of Manchester Airport, UK, ready to take off and head to the Dominican Republic. And then, holy crap, its jet engine exploded. Read More >>

Help Solve Low-Level Local Crime With Manchester Police's iOS App

Greater Manchester Police has launched an iOS app, which uses location-based services to fill users in on local events, missing people bulletins and even features the unsettling option of browsing any wanted appeals in your surrounding area. Read More >>

4G Coverage Patchy in Manchester, With Less Than Half the City Centre Connectable

Tests on EE's new 4G network in Manchester have found it to be a rather patchy experience in these early days, with fewer than half of the city centre test locations able to connect to the new LTE service. Read More >>

Manchester Is the UK's Capital City of Pirates

Ever wondered who pirates the most in Britain? According to the latest figures it's the Mancunians. Yes, Manchester is the capital of pirating Britain, with more illegal downloads per person than any other town or city in the UK. Read More >>

Apple Shows Off Birmingham and Manchester, But Can't Spell Doncaster

We're still waiting for London and other major cities in the UK to get 3D-ified, but in the meantime, Apple's latest iOS 6 beta has brought with it glorious views of Birmingham and Manchester. It's just a shame "Duncaster" isn't quite the correct spelling. Read More >>

Metal Paper Clips Banned By NHS Health and Safety Police Because They're Just Too Dangerous

If anyone has ever said that health and safety isn't just a little overreaching in the UK, this should put that to bed. NHS Manchester has "prohibited" the use of metal paperclips "due to recent incidents", issuing a demand that they must be "disposed of immediately" -- Clippy must be turning in his grave. Read More >>

British Surgeons Watch 3D TV While Cutting You Open

Who’d have thought that glass-equipped 3D TV would be more than just a nauseating, headache-inducing experience and would actually be useful? Surgeons from the Manchester Royal Infirmary used a 3D display for the first time in the UK to help successfully robotically cut out a man’s prostate. Read More >>

The UK's Friendly Neighbourhood Pirate Party Trains Its Guns on Scotland and Manchester

Following Sweden and Germany’s lead, we have our own branch of the Pirate Party attempting to swashbuckle its way into power here in the UK; now it’s drawing a broadside on May’s local elections in both Scotland and Manchester. The Pirate Party UK aims to fight anti-piracy laws (and ACTA); reduce copyright to just 10 years, and allow non-commercial file sharing -- hollywood, the BPI and their lawyers are really going love them. Read More >>

Undercover Engineers: The Resurrection of Concorde

In Manchester Airport’s Aviation Viewing Park sits Concorde G-BOAC, known as ‘Alpha Charlie’. It is an engineering marvel; a feat of Anglo-French avionic brilliance that could cross the Atlantic in under three hours. Yet since 2003, it and the other 19 Concordes once in service have become tourist exhibits leased to airports and museums by British Airways and Air France. Read More >>

film week
Lomography's Manchester Store Opens 16th December

Just in case you hadn't got the message yet, film photography is far from dead -- in fact, Lomography is about to open its first UK store outside of London, in Manchester. Located at 20 Oldham Street in the northern quarter, they're throwing an opening party for fans of the brand on the 16th of December from 6pm. Read More >>


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