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Here's What Won't Work in Cheaper Windows Phones

They good news: Microsoft is loosening its strict spec standards to push some highly affordable Windows Phones to the market. The bad news? Those phones are going to be gimpy little crud boxes. But hey, that's compromise. Read More >>

Windows Phone Goes Budget -- ZTE Tania Launching in February

Chinese tech firm ZTE has been making phones for other companies to stick their logos on for years. Now it's branching out into selling ZTE-branded models, with one of the first being the new, affordable, ZTE Tania. Read More >>

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Try Out Windows Phone on Your iPhone or Android Right Now

Have you been curious about Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)? Maybe you want to try it out without standing around in some store? Microsoft just made it easy to do exactly that on your iOS or Android phone. No installations required. Read More >>

Microsoft Serves Up Some Mango to All Eligible Phones

A month after Windows Phone 7.5 began shipping, Microsoft announced today that it is now pushing the Mango update to every eligible phone worldwide, regardless of network—with only three exceptions. Read More >>

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Nokia Says the Next Version of WP7 Will Have the Big Features

Many people -- myself included -- have been pretty judgmental about Nokia's first WP7 phones. Rather than come out with guns ablazin' today, making the other manufacturers envious of their partnership with Microsoft, we'll have to wait for the next WP7 update, codenamed Apollo, to see the true extent of their relationship. Read More >>

Nokia's Windows Phone... Phone Teased on ITV Prime Time

Remember all that delicious money Microsoft pledged to help Nokia make a success of its WP7 device launch? Some of it was blown over the weekend, through a series of super-short teaser adverts shown on ITV. Read More >>

Did Another Nokia Windows Phone Just Leak?

We know about the impending SeaRay, set to debut next week—but has a new Finnish challenger appeared? PocketNow says this photo shows the Nokia "Sabre." So what's the Sabre? Read More >>

Nokia 800 Windows Phone Mango Device Pictured Again

A nice high-res photograph of what could be a finished version of Nokia's first WP7 phone has appeared online, showing us the phone previously known as the "Sea Ray" in all its... er... glory. Read More >>

Microsoft's Latest Charitable Act -- Giving Nokia a £20m Marketing Boost

Microsoft is putting aside a whopping great £28m to spend on promoting its Windows Phone OS and handset range this winter, with Nokia set to benefit from £20m of free advertising in the UK. Read More >>

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Microsoft's Tempting BlackBerry And iOS Users With Free Windows Phone Handsets

RIM and Apple are having a bad day and it's only getting worse. Not only are their servers still misbehaving, their competition is giving away free phones to users who are upset with these service disruptions. Read More >>

7 Non-Apple Alternatives to Today's iOS 5 Releases

iOS 5 dropped today, which is fantastic, I guess—if you own an iPhone. However, if you're like me and, well, don't want the same bells and whistles on your phone, might I suggest the following? Read More >>

The iPhone 4S Is Microsoft's Chance to Catch up to Apple

The iPhone 4S is a nice phone. But most people think it's a disappointment. After all, it comes in last years' skin, and its guts aren't radically amazing. It's nothing special. And that means it's Microsoft's chance to counterattack. Read More >>

Nokia Ace -- Rumoured High-End 4.3" Windows Phone

Rumours of another future Nokia Windows Phone handset have appeared, with the "Nokia Ace" named as one possible forthcoming Windows Phone device from the floundering Finnish mobile giant. Read More >>

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Microsoft Canada Lists Three New Unannounced Windows Phones

The small print of a competition organised by Microsoft Canada has revealed the current working names of three new, unannounced future Windows Phone 7.5 Mango handsets--two from Samsung and another one from Microsoft's new best friend Nokia. Read More >>

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How to Get Windows Phone 7.5 Right Now

So you're not one of the lucky 10 percent who are getting the official Mango update today. Fear not! You can actually force the update that Microsoft is so afraid will brick your phone or bring about the fall of mankind. Read More >>

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When You'll Get Windows Phone 7.5

Hello Windows Phone owners! Yes, Windows Phone 7.5—that's the official name now, not Mango—is getting pushed out, starting like, now. But your phone might not get them today. Or this week. Or next week! Read More >>


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