Pressure Group Claims Hazardous Chemicals May Leave Apple Workers With Cancer and Nerve Damage

Non-profit organisation Green America says the masses of Chinese workers who assemble our fancy playthings are at risk of developing cancer and other serious conditions, thanks to poor training in how to safely use the chemicals involved in whacking together iPads and the like. Read More >>

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This Wire-Bending Machine is Stupefyingly Clever

Seriously. Watching this awesome machine bend wires in different shapes puts my brain into deep whadafuhhh mode. The manufacturer claims it is the fastest wire bending machine in the world. I don't know if that's true or not, but it's unreal. Read More >>

Surreal Exhibition Explores Half-Finished and Incomplete Products

Ever wonder what a French Horn looks like before it gets completely twisted? Or a drink can before it gets a top and a tab? In the Making, an upcoming exhibition at London's Design Museum curated by British design golden boys Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, will present a range of familiar products in various states of not quite finished yet to give a glimpse at the industrial goings ons before an item hits the shelf. Read More >>

This is Why 4D Printing is Cool

The U.S. Army Research Office has just thrown some money the way of 4D printing—but what, exactly, is all the fuss about? This beautiful video goes a long way to showing us why the technology is so exciting. Read More >>

A Photographic Journey Down the Old Industrial Banks of the Thames

After the Thames weaves eastward through London, it widens into an industrial landscape of factories sretching out into the English Channel. London-based photographer Alice Gur-Arie has documented this landscape in her series Passages: Industry on the River Thames, a collection of beautiful black and white photographs depicting the hulking structures that rely on the river for survival. Read More >>

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Rolls-Royce Is Going to 3D Print Its Airplane Engine Parts

Everyone loves talking about 3D printing, but now it's really hitting the big time: Rolls-Royce has decided that it's going to use the technology to help make its airplane engines. Read More >>

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This 3D Printer Can Produce Hard and Soft Parts Simultaneously

3D printers are a dime-a-dozen these days, but every so often something special comes along. Like this thing: an industrial printer made by Arburg that can create products containing both hard and soft parts at the same time. Read More >>

The Brilliant Simplicity Behind the iPhone 5C's Design

On Tuesday, we saw Apple introduce a new plastic iPhone. Why plastic? Because it's cheaper, sure. But it's also one of the smartest industrial design decisions Apple has ever made. Read More >>

How Extreme Ultraviolet Light Is Set to Make Your Processor Faster

You may already know that silicon chips are etched using deep ultraviolet lithography, but you might not realise that we've reached the limit of what can be done using normal UV rays. Fortunately a new kind of light, called Extreme Ultraviolet, is about to land in the hands of chip manufacturers—and it should help your processor keep up with Moore's Law. Read More >>

IKEA Uses a Staggering One Per Cent of the World's Wood

The easiest joke to make about IKEA is that few of its products—from shelves to meatballs—are made from what they seem. But even particleboard still requires wood—and a lot of it, when you’re selling 100 million products every year. Read More >>

Ford's New Prototyping Machine Turns Sheet Metal Into Custom Parts

A modern assembly line can churn out a new vehicle every few minutes, but when carmakers want to build and test a prototype, it takes weeks to produce the dies and moulds needed to stamp out a custom one-off part. So Ford has developed a fantastic new prototyping machine that functions kind of like a 3D printer in that it can produce a custom part in mere hours. Except that instead of plastic, it works its magic on sheet metal. Read More >>

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Watching Crisps Being Made Is as Addictive as Eating Them

NPR has a nice little video feature about Hers crisps (or potato chips, as our American cousins like to call them) being made, and it's worth taking a few minutes to watch. But the real stars are the animated gifs of the machinery at work. I can't look away. I want to watch a machine that makes crisps all day while another machine feeds them to me, constantly, forever. Mmmm, crisps. [NPR] Read More >>

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How Records Are Made

While 8-tracks and cassettes are as relevent to the digital world as wax cylinders, the vinyl LP is still being steadily produced and collected despite, or perhaps thanks to, their imprecise warm analogue acoustics. Here's how LPs get their unique sound. Read More >>

Has Apple Already Dumped Samsung?

Last week we heard rumours that Apple's courting Intel to produce its custom silicon for it, in an effort to ditch its dependence on Samsung's chip manufacturing. Now a new smaller chip in the updated Apple TV could indicate that Apple and Samsung have already split ways. Does this mean the gloves are off? Read More >>

Samsung Probably Sticking With Reliable, Durable Old Plastic for Galaxy S4

Samsung's unlikely to be switching to space-metal and/or glass for this year's Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone, with the company's executive VP claiming bendy plastic's tougher, easier to make and what everyone really wants even if they don't know it. Read More >>

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This Is Where Dysons Are Born

Dyson makes some of the prettiest vacuums, hand-driers, and air blower/suckers out there, so it should come as no surprise that the factory where they are born is as mesmerising as its products. Read More >>


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