A Fleet of Unpowered Submarines is About to Plumb the Ocean's Depths

Even though they cover two-third's of the planet's surface, we know precious little about how the oceans actually interact with the continents and atmosphere. What's more, our oceanic models are woefully incomplete—only capable of showing large areas with reduced resolution or in high detail over a limited area. But a new fleet of autonomous research submarines are about to rectify that problem. Read More >>

Drone Mapping Lost Pyramids in the Andes

When Gizmodo last checked in with archaeologist Mark Willis, he was assembling huge 36 GB panoramic photographs of ancient rock art in the wilds of west Texas; now he's flying drones over ancient pyramids in the Andes. Read More >>

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42 Maps that Will Change How You Think About the World

Aside from just telling you where you are, or letting you point our where you want to be, maps can do a fantastic job of recontextualising everything you think you know about the world. You probably know that already, but here's a run down of maps that do it well. Read More >>

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Scottish Island Wiped Off Google Maps

The 200 or so permanent inhabitants of the Scottish island of Jura are currently feeling rather lost and confused, after discovering a recent update to Google's mapping images removed all trace of the island from view. Read More >>

Everyone Can Get the New Google Maps Right Now

First shown off at I/O, Google has just rolled out its updated Maps for the web to basically everyone. All you need to do now is sign up here and you'll instantly have access to everything that's new and grand. Read More >>

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Google Responds to Angry Android Maps Users and Adds Offline Button

Google thought it was being rather smart in binning its offline map caching support and hiding it behind an odd type command no one's going to know about in its new Maps app update. Thankfully, it's heard the uproar and added visible offline map caching back to Android's Maps tool. Read More >>

Peep This Awesome Real-Time Map of the World’s Bike Shares

Sick and tired of hearing about New York’s bike share and the irresponsible weirdos that populate it? Well, here's a change of pace: this excellent real-time map illustrates 85 different bike share systems from all over the world. Read More >>

The History of the World in 1 Map and 176 Words

Sometimes, simple explanations can be the most revealing. Take this map, for example, which depicts thousands of years of human history by representing each country with a single word. Turns out to be painfully accurate. Read More >>

Google Street View Staff Lugging Backpack of Shame Around US National Parks

The good things about working for Google include stuff like being able to sit there on the internet all day and say it's genuinely for work, but the bad? How about having to wear a bright blue and green backpack and walk around in public? Read More >>

Webcam Timelapses Used To Automatically Model Cities in 3D

The ability to see maps in buildings and landscapes in 3D makes following along considerably easier than with just 2D. So researchers at the University of Washington have made generating 3D models of a given location dead simple using custom software and nothing more than a webcam timelapse video of the spot captured on a sunny day. Read More >>

New UK Mobile Coverage Checker Splits Voice Quality From Data Speed

A new way of mapping mobile data coverage is now live in the UK, which generates vastly more local and useful data than that provided by the networks -- and also separates call quality from data connectivity. Read More >>

Could Nokia Win the Map Battle?

Nokia is to be part of a big mapping tie-in with the enterprise giant Oracle. Given the current map furore, and bearing in mind that Nokia Maps is actually good, this could be the Finns' big chance: maybe, just maybe, Nokia could sneak through the back door and claim a victory. Read More >>

Already Seen the World on Google Maps? Try Binging Your House

The map parts of Microsoft's Bing world have been significantly updated, with MS adding some 215TB of new satellite imagery to its "Bird's Eye" aerial views of the world. For a different viewpoint to the one offered by the omnipresent Google. Read More >>

Get Ready for Amazon Maps

Remember when Apple bought a little 3D map company called C3, and now there will be 3D maps on your iPhone? Now Amazon is doing the exact same thing. But why? You know why. Read More >>

Google's Started Mapping Our Rivers For All Your Impromptu Boat Parties

Fancy loading up a river cruiser with booze and setting sail this summer to escape the Olympics? Soon you'll be able to check out your river routes and pick the choicest spot, thanks to Google. It's just begun mapping 2,000 miles of our waterways. Read More >>

Apple's Using Spy Planes With Military Grade Cameras to Film You and Your City in 3D

WWDC is just hours away and reports are flooding in about Apple's next generation 3D mapping attempt. Apparently it's hired a fleet of private spy planes with "military standard" cameras that can snap you sun bathing in your back garden, or even film you in the buff through your roof windows. Read More >>


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