These Amazing Illustrations are Like Google Maps for 1900s Japan

Many decades before satellites even existed, a Japanese cartographer named Hatsusaburo Yoshida was drawing cities as though he was floating hundreds of metres above them. His vivid, colourful drawings are almost 100 years old now—but they're just as exciting as they were in 1914. Read More >>

How the Time of Sunrise and Sunset Varies Around the World

Time zones are strange old things, especially the way they prescribe one time to thousands of miles of land mass—so this visualisation shows which parts of the world experience unusually early and late hours of daylight as a result. Read More >>

The Coolest Cartography in Google's New Maps Gallery

Google just launched a Maps Gallery: a centralised atlas of maps created by governments, non-profits and other organisations. Though it's still a nascent project, there's already a lot of interesting finds in there. Read More >>

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It's Ridiculously Easy to Troll Google Maps With Fake Listings

Trust the listings you find on Google Maps? You shouldn't, because it's easy to fake them. That's what Google Maps exploiter Bryan Seely demonstrated for me. And while trolling politicians with dick jokes is never not funny, there's also a whole sub-community of scammers turning Google Map's little bugs into cold, hard cash. Read More >>

New Maps Show Forests Disappearing in (Almost) Real Time

The world is vast and travel budgets finite, so looking for deforestation as it's happening all over the world is nigh impossible. That is, of course, unless you have an all seeing eye in the sky—and, hey, you know what, there are satellites orbiting over all of our heads right now. Global Forest Watch is a new, near real-time forest monitoring system from World Resources Institute, Google, and another 40-odd partner organisations. Read More >>

The Map of the World if Every Country Had a Population of 100 Million

Imagine a world with countries reshaped to have an equal population with each other. Some little countries get absorbed to create one large country while other populous countries get their boundaries re-drawn and are split up into lots of different pieces (I'm looking at you China and India). Read More >>

google maps
The New Google Maps Has Been Released

The new version of Google Maps for desktop that was introduced at last year's I/O is finally coming out of preview and into just plain old "view" today. Welcome to the future. Read More >>

The UK is Crowdsourcing its Next Map of the Ocean Floor

It isn't known how deep large parts of the ocean off the British coast really are, and this is clearly not ideal for the many sailors that navigate those waters. A new project funded by the European Community is using technology to solve this problem—technology and lots of boats. Read More >>

Here's a Map That Shows the Location of Every Disney and Pixar movie

They are home to your favourite stories, your favourite songs, your favourite characters. You know so much about the Disney movies that you grew up with and the Pixar movies you love now but do you know where they're all located? No worries, this map by artist Eowyn Smith will show you. Read More >>

The World's Most Popular Running Routes, Visualised

With the explosion of exercise apps and fitness trackers, more people than ever are recording the routes they run during their workouts. Now, Nathan Yau from Flowing Data has mined some of that data to visualise some of the world's most popular fitness paths. Read More >>

This Map Shows How the Internet Travels Across the World's Oceans

You may reach the internet via newfangled wireless connection most of the time, but all those ones and zeros cross the oceans the same way old-fashioned telephone connections did: by undersea cables. The map masters at TeleGeography have charted the course the internet takes to cross the seas in 2014, and the result is fascinatingly complex. Read More >>

An Interactive Map of What America's Spies are Worried About

Well, Defense One just made it easy for you with this interactive map of what America's spies are really worried about. It's very simple—just a Google Map of the world with pins dropped on all of the countries that represent national security concerns. But it's not just terrorism that their intelligence agencies are bothered by; it's everything from economic instability in central Africa and homicide rates in Honduras to riots in the streets of Ukraine and secret Iranian efforts to supply weapons to Palestinian groups. Did you know that Azerbaijan is almost ready to blow? Read More >>

The World's Biggest Tea Drinkers, Visualised

In news that may make you spit your Earl Grey over the screen: The UK does not top the list of worldwide tea-drinkers. That accolade falls to the Turkish, and the UK comes in at third after after the Ireland in second, as shown by this infographic. Read More >>

Toilet Paper Map Reveals Crap Trends Worldwide

We all have to poop, but how we deal with it changes with age. For babies, it's nappies. For the elderly, it's, well, adult nappies. For most of the rest of us, it's toilet paper. Read More >>

The World's Biggest Coffee Drinkers, Visualised

If you think you drink a lot of coffee, think again. While over in the US they might pride themselves as being a nation fuelled by the stuff, it turns out that other countries beat it hands down. Read More >>

A Tie with a Hidden Tokyo Subway Map is Nerdy and Brilliant

Nobody likes looking like a tourist, especially in their hometown—but with a public transportation system as complex as Tokyo's, sometimes a map is entirely necessary. Need a simple solution to avoid getting lost while looking like a native? Wear your map in a hidden place. Read More >>


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