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This Miniature Marble Machine Is Majorly Mesmerising

There's something about repetitive motion that's just hypnotisingly relaxing. This DIY, laser-cut marble machine is a perfect example. Crank the handle and the tiny marbles bounce up their little escalator, swirl down their track and start all over again. I could watch this all day. Read More >>

A Bag of Marbles Is Your "That's Convenient; I Lost Mine" Deal of the Day

Many of you come here every day for the latest bargains in the world of white-hot technology, but for some of you, talk of Blu-rays, SSDs and reverse carbohydrates is just a load of gobbledygook. Read More >>

How Marbles Could Derail an F1 Driver's Race

The Canadian Grand Prix is synonymous with a debris-strewn track, some of it from crashes and other incidents, but the majority of the litter being classed as "marbles." Marbles are what we call the small blobs of rubber thrown from the tyres; usually marking the middle of a race with only the racing line kept clean of the rubber. Read More >>

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Can Slingshot Marbles Kill You?

First of all, yes, okay, pretty much anything can kill you under the right circumstances. But what about marbles, shot by a stainless steel slingshot into ballistic gelatin, by an amusingly t-shirted Eastern European madman? In super-slow motion? Read More >>


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