The UK's Crappy Broadband Speeds is Another Thing You Can Blame on Thatcher

She brought down the miners and the unions, and it now seems that Margaret Thatcher also prevented the UK from becoming one of the world's leading digital economies by short-sightedly vetoing plans that would have made the UK one of the earliest fully-fibre equipped broadband territories around the globe. Read More >>

Thatcher's Funeral the Third Most Popular iPlayer Event of All Time

The parading of the dead Prime Minister around London attracted near-record iPlayer viewing figures for the BBC, with some 823,000 people watching the live stream of Lady Thatcher's descent into the pits of... the crematorium. Read More >>

In Her Final Act, the Iron Lady Conquers the Iron Man

The UK premiere of Iron Man 3 is being postponed 24 hours, not because the actors are revolting, or because the cinema's all booked up for Star Trek, but because of Margret Thatcher's funeral. Yep, the Iron Lady gets the last laugh. Read More >>

Margaret Thatcher, the Scientist

Margaret Thatcher's death has had, erm, mixed reactions, from gushing editorials to merry renditions of Tramp the Dirt Down. But one thing they've largely failed to mention is that before she spent twenty years fighting off unions and steadfastly not turning, she was a rather successful scientist. Read More >>

Margaret Thatcher's Bomb-Proof Rolling 1980s Battle Bus Sold for £17k

Some lucky political historian and/or transport enthusiast has just acquired an extremely bizarre and unique vehicle, with this custom-made, strengthened bus, once used to shuffle the lady PM between appointments, fetching £16,940 at auction. Read More >>


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